Dedicated Server set up. I can join with internal IP but my friends get timed out

I am trying to set up a dedicated server. But I can’t get “Test Port Accessability” to work. My ports are set up to 7787, 7788, 27017 and I have forwarded them TCP/UDP 7787-7788 and TCP/UDP 27017-27017. Firewall is disabled.
The server is visable for both me and my friends on the server list but with 9999 ping. Doing Direct connect with internal IP on the same network works but the external IP connection doesn’t.
I’ve checked so many threads and couldn’t find a solution, by now I’m considering it’s my router fault (Netis WF2780)

So there are four total ports and if I understand what you wrote, you are using the same port for the source query and rcon port (27017)? These should be different. Also, it sounds like you are using a different machine than the one you play the game client on but is that a correct assumption? If you are using the same machine as your game client, you need to use the multihome function.

From what I understood, rcon port isn’t necessary for connecting to the server.
I’m also already using multihome but that wasn’t the issue since I could connect myself anyway. It’s only the friends who get timed out.

The 9999 ping is just a bad read (its not real). What happens when your friends try to connect like any other server without using direct connect?

Both me and my friends get stuck in an infinite loading screen when doing that. Also the server doesn’t recieve log in request this way.

Maybe something else is using those ports. I doubt its your actual router/modem. I’ve had times when I was in your situation and I know it may make no sense, but try using vastly different ports from the standard ports. For example, setup all 4 ports as 1000, 1001, 1002 and 1003.

Your modem/gateway doesn’t have any firewall function to it that would cause the port forward on the router to fail?

The ports are being blocked somewhere. Can you make a basic firewall rule on your router to allow traffic to the host of the dedicated server?

I tried with 100X and 300X ports and the test still says they timed out.

edit: I’m attaching pictures of how my configuration looks like


Making my internal IP into DMZ doesn’t work even after restarting the router.

Dunno, what’s the topology of your network? The ports are clearly being blocked somewhere.

The router is connected to a plug-and-play Huawei modem with ip set to which i can’t access through a website.

looks like you’re using LAN IP instead of your actual IP from ISP, nobody will be able to connect using that

Huawei modem? Is that an LTE connection? If it is an LTE connection, you’re probably screwed.

Like drachenfeles said, that’s a private IP. Your friends or anyone outside your LAN will want to use the public IP. You might want to have a closer look at that modem.

Ok so the problem is something I cannoth fix. Should have knew better because that’s the same issue i had when play Nintendo’s multiplayer games on Switch. I’m closing the thread.

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