Dedicated Server Settings / General Requests

Hello everyone,

I would like to suggest a few dedicated server settings after running a server for a little bit:

(1) Multiple Beds = Multiple Spawn Points, incl. fast travel (option) - ARK does this, and it’s nice if you want to go to another base. Also you may die and want to go somewhere else other than one bed or one bedroll. Another suggestion if we’re not getting mounts right away would be the ability to build stables in a base and it open up a fast travel option and it has high requirements, but allows you to move. There are teleportation mods, so it just would be official ways to do this. Would also need a boolean to allow/disallow the option to include the functionality so admins who don’t want their players moving like that could turn it off.

(2) Sliders/Variables for points per stat - For example say I want my players to gain 100 encumberance per point of Encumberance, I would like to be able to set this inside of the server settings, and a slider would be nice for those that use the in game manager.

(2b) In game slider cap raised. Right now many things can’t be slid higher than certain values (10 seems to be the cap for XP, etc), and if we want to have avatars hang around for an hour we should be able to set it (even if it breaks our server or something due to lag. :stuck_out_tongue:). Using the in game server manager is nice since I don’t have to reload the config by restarting, I can just make the change. Additionally if I set something to 0, and it’s not gamebreaking, please leave it at 0 instead of changing it to 0.1, some sliders seem to do that.

(3) Fix NPC Spawn Cap. If you set this higher than 1, enemies spawn on top of each other and can’t act, making them essentially gathering nodes with health bars. I would like to have more enemies that are capable of attacking on a high combat server.

(4) Separate World Boss/Boss Health/Damage/Spawn Time/etc Multipliers from regular enemies - I have my server’s NPC Health Multiplier set to 4x, and that means world bosses have a ton of health, if they could have a separate multipliers that would be appreciated.

(5) Option to increase inventory size from default - This one doesn’t really need explaining - setting the player’s inventory size to something bigger/smaller would be nice. I don’t know if it’s an engine limitation or implemented setting but being able to change it without mods would mean one less mod for people to balance.

(6) Please fix the mod list recommendation when joining a server. If there’s a conflict, it comes up blank after telling you to sort your mods.

(6a) Have an option to automatically subscribe and download mods for servers, like a button press. That way it would be in the correct order and you’d have all the mods on next restart, would make joining private servers that use mods easier to get people to join. ARK allows you to do this.

(6b) Have the game automatically use the mods in the right order as long as you’re subscribed - I don’t know how difficult this would be. Having the game set up the mods before joining the server instead of telling the player to go reorganize their mods would be a nice QOL improvement.

(7) Allow removing all armor from thralls and putting them back in your inventory after placing them. Moving them from one location to another can be really annoying but I can just pick up my smelter or alchemist. Though I don’t think keeping an array of what they have equipped should be terribly difficult, but being able to pick up Dancers/Fighters/Archers/Etc would be nice, even if it means stripping them of everything.

(8) Durability amount multiplier for items. I would like to up the durability of weapons/armor/tools, and having a server option for it would be appreciated. Right now there’s a mod for it, but being able to just add a setting would make it one less mod (since the mod setup right now is kind of painful.)

(8a) Weight multiplier for tools/armor/weapons. This kind of goes with the above, allowing us to reduce the armor’s weight (even to 0 if we want, dedicated server, our rules. :smiley:). Or maybe we feel heavy armor isn’t heavy enough. This could be broken down into tiers, for example LightArmorWeightMultiplier, MediumArmorWeightMultiplier, etc.

(9) Separate meat spoiling timer - I have things spoil slowly on my server, but putrid meat is needed, so I would like to increase the rate at which meat spoils. Right now it’s all or nothing. Perhaps if this can’t be an option a box could be added that makes things spoil (ARK has a mod for this, but the concept could be used here) like a microbe-filled container where you’ve got to build it out of already spoiled stuff, and it helps spoil additional things by modifying the item’s spoil multiplier, sort of like a reverse preservation box. – Turns out this is already a thing, I just didn’t know it. Thank you ExNihiloish!

(10) If possible, per-item harvesting rates and caps for stacks. I know I keep referencing ARK, but they have multipliers for every resource, perhaps I want more ichor but less stone, right now it’s all or nothing. Not a huge problem, but would be a nice QOL change.

(11) Named Thrall Multipliers. Allow us to increase the chance of named thralls, even up to 100%. The named thralls are fun to collect, but the rates aren’t friendly for capturing all of them (and there appears to be quite a few, aside the ones on the named ship and the alchemist at the Wardtowers). Additionally allow us to make them more difficult than regular enemies, like minibosses. If I have a 4x health multiplier for regular enemies, maybe I want to increase it to 8x for named enemies, same with damage and such. The knockout rate could be it’s own multiplier too, though I’d keep that the same ;).

(12) Enemy Knockout Multiplier. Have something that allows us to modify how hard it is to knock out enemies, and this could be something that affects every tier in it’s own way or have multipliers for each tier.

(13) Release a list of all server settings. It appears there are server settings that aren’t in the serversettings.ini even after using the sliders and saving them. One such example is LogoutCharactersRemainInTheWorld, which I found out about while digging. A list of all server settings and an explanation of what they do would be nice (What does “CrossDesertOnce” mean? What is “CombatModeModiier”? What is “DogsOfTheDesertSpawnWithDogs”, etc.)

(14) Boolean for Legendary Chests requiring level 60. If someone comes across a legendary chest and isn’t level 60, I would like the option to set it to true/false to require max level to open the chests. Right now it’s a mod and it seems like something that should be relatively easy.

(15) Brawling. We start out with our fists and some nice animations and then never see them again. Gaunlets could add a damage multiplier to unarmed damage (the heavier the more damage) or there could be a separate class of weapons. If gauntlets add damage depending on what you’re wearing, please have it listed on the item and allow it to have a multiplier (GauntletBrawlMultiplier?)

(16) Level Cap and Attribute Cap settings. Allow us to set the level cap on our server, along with attribute maximum. For this suggestion it could be something where we set feat points and attribute points per level (ARK method) or it could just be a multiplier on top of every level (1% more per level or something?). Additionally, having a boolean for the perks requiring percentage of max sort of like they do now would be nice for increased attribute servers. Right now with an attribute 100 mod all it does is add more levels, which is fine too, but it would be nice if my new attribute cap of 100 would mean you’d need to put more points in to get the next perk.

(17) Booleans for different building restrictions. This one is basically allowing people to build things like their shrines off the edge of a cliff or something as long as it’s touching the ground. I mention booleans plural because we could turn off certain requirements or all of them. For example maybe it’s not touching enough ground and we’re OK with that, but not with it blocking spawn points.

(18) Vitality passive health regen as a percentage rather than flat 1/s. This would make the perk more valuable all around, and we could set it sort of like the stamina settings. VitalityRegenMultiplier, VitalityRegenPercentagePerSecond, something like that.

(19) Temperature tolerance multiplier/variable for value of heat/cold tolerance added. Perhaps I want my character to not get frostbitten while walking around naked in the snow. Sure it makes no sense, but hey, someone might want it.

(19a) See armor heat/cold resistance before crafting in crafting benches.

(20) Drop percentage of items on death. Instead of backpack/toolbar/all, allow us to set a percentage to lose when you die, as you were probably out gathering when you died anyway, and this could default to 100% that way drop backpack/toolbar still works the same.

(21) Allow for aiming up/down with melee weapons / Hitboxres don’t seem to match up with character models. This is most easily seen with crocs where if you use daggers and the basic attack and are on equal footing you’ll whiff. Allowing us to swing down or up would fix that and make daggers more feasible. Additionally it seems like hitboxes aren’t matching up with models. In single player (lag removed from the equation) attempting to hit an enemy with a truncheon sometimes will just go through them, but it surely should have hit them.

(22) Thought of one immediately after posting - Have a bench where “Hand Crafted” things could be made, that way we could toss a thrall in there, (perhaps a backpacker since they’re generic) to reduce costs for those crafting recipes like other benches.

(23) Thought of another, maybe this would be only on PvE servers so as to not fool PvP players (or it could be a boolean to allow it), but allow us to have two items per body part, one for stats, one for aesthetics. Perhaps I really like the look of some armor but want to be covered in the cold climate, so I need to wear certain armor, I’d like to be able to keep the aesthetic, and it helps with RP purposes (which there are servers for!)

(24) Thought of another - Back slot item. Cloaks/Capes, perhaps with the option to put up a cowl if the item supports it. I want a cape to take pictures of myself standing on the edge of a cliff with my cape blowing in the wind like the hero I am (though I’m an exile and in reality I’m probably about to be stabbed, but hand wave that part). Joking aside having a cape that does nothing but maybe shows your religion that you prefer or colors would allow for more aesthetics, even if they don’t add anything practical (or they could add something like an overcoat for fur-requiring areas.)

I’m sure I’ll have more as I play, but basically give us more settings to tinker with so we can make our servers even more unique. That and depending on the difficulty of adding things, it would make it easier for you to tweak things on official servers depending on the variable/value being changed.

Thank you for reading my extremely long winded post. I appreciate you taking the time to do so. Before anyone says “This isn’t ARK!”, I know, but suggestions and good ideas should be shared, not isolated to one title.

tl;dr - More server settings available please. Fix hitboxes. Multiple spawn points. Thanks.

– Alana

#7 would allow someone with 50 points in Encumbrance to carry a portable army with relative ease. They could carry dozens of fighters, including fulls sets of gear for each one and then loose 'em upon their enemies.

#9. The compost bin greatly increases spoil rate. Throw a few stacks of meat in there and you’ll have hundreds of putrid meat very quickly. You can also spam click “Split” to separate out a stack into a ton of smaller ones, allowing more to decay simultaneously. But this really isn’t necessary with the compost bin.

#21. We already can. If you can’t, it’s a bug (which I’ve seen reported before). Crocs have no collision so we pass right through them, it’s the same for the new salamanders. But we can easily aim down and hit them. Locking onto targets also makes you aim up/down automatically depending on the size of the target.

Thanks for #9. #7 - That’s the point if I want it or another server admin wants to allow people to carry a ton of stuff, we have the option. For those that don’t want to use it, they don’t have to change it. It’s about options.

Didn’t realize #21 was an already reported as a bug. The truncheon thing is rough when fighting and trying to knock someone out though.

Well #7 is about being able to carry an army, not just stuff.

I know it’s already possible, but that would make it a lot easier.

I understand the viewpoint, I’m just saying it should be an option. If it strips them naked to pick them back up it would make them much easier to move from camp to camp, etc. It could be a boolean too. As long as there’s a way to keep the current behavior I don’t see a problem with the suggestion. Those that want to use it could, those that don’t would just leave things as defaults.