Important option`s and some others

Game PLay

  • More tribe details info events
  • Servers Whitelist (excluding whitelist) as in ark.
  • Mini folder on the left or right bottom of the screen.
  • Inventory Can better, more sorted by name of object ect what belongs together, as in Ark.
  • S plus to pick up as in ark object. A lot of resource
  • As in ark you see, Damage numbers to a dino. IN conan Is not this.
    This way no one sees which weapon is better, which DM does. ect ect.
    In all those years conan relievers does not ashamed U.

Option for server Admins.

  • Players can see the folder.
  • Players base ect can see on the map. Sometimes they do not play anymore (PVE) Then the houses are ect.
  • Houses ect Simple way for the admin to remove it from a player. (In case of Ban / or not active players)
  • Message of the day in game.
  • Server restart agenda and 120 seconds mostly reports countdown E 10 min.
  • Server owner a gold star (above the name and chat)
  • Server Admin [Admin] Tag above the name


  • Better Collaborate with mods makers.
    Many mods are not up to date, Remove from steam.
  • Best mods, Integrate these into Conan Game itself. This saves loading time and downloads. :slight_smile:

Game update

  • Dangerous holes for game, servers, Instant update.
  • Hotfix, every 7 days a large file. And not as with ark 6x on a day 4 mb.

I hope this is made quickly for all servers option.

Thanks in advance .
Friendly greeting from the Netherlands.

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