Suggestion: Server option/hardcore difficulty setting to remove the leashing feature from mobs in the exiled lands. I miss pulling/having others pull bosses to my/their base and having a crazy surprise battle

As seen in my other thread, I haven’t been on in a long while. I was trying to pull the red dragon to the oasis to fight the king rhino and could not as both reset themselves after running 30 feet. This goes for all mobs and it feels extremely clunky and unthreatening. Sounds like it was an intentional change. I miss accidentally passing the corrupted direwolf and having it chase me across the map. More customization of the game is a good thing.

Maybe leave this as a server option for people to have on. Unfortunately, I can’t be bothered to play if it’s that easy to escape danger which is a shame because I actually enjoy Conan’s combat (without thralls). It’s really fun if you have rules that purposefully make it really difficult. Like if you run from bandits and don’t lose them first, they might simply wait outside your door. Or if you’re running from Tigers in the savannah at a low level, you can end up with a similar problem.

EDIT: Also a setting to increase enemy mob attack speeds would be nice and things like the laser frequency in the witch queen fight that are impossible to be hit by as it is.

You know it was fun y it lasted but not so fun when you log on and someone pulled their purge over to your base and looted your stuff so no i really don’t miss it but yes i wish they would add some hardcore servers and let us go ham

That sounds like a purge specific issue. Secondly, that’s why it would make sense to be an option so nobody is forced to have it within their server. Hardcore mode should mean all tactics are valid no matter how unfair or brutal.

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Yeah they did have servers like this in year one but they took them down they should try it again we have alot more people playing now hell we may have more people now then what we had on official release. If we can get their attention maybe we can get one server out of them :star_struck:

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Yeah broadening the audience is never a bad idea. I would happily purchase a server if there were more customization in it. In Ark, you can customize spawns, individual dinos stats, speed, etc. Conan, in my opinion, is a superior game but it lacks the customization to really blow its competition out of the park. I know there are a lot of hidden and disabled settings in the game.ini server file that simply do not work if changed. Ark, even on console, allowed you to change so much to really customize the server to your liking.

I would love to be able to speed up the environmental traps like the lasers in the witch queen fight or the speed of attacks like the ice giants. It’s impossible to get hit by either. I would love to disable “epic” armor feats to keep people squishy while adjusting the temperature resistance to make up for it. I would also love to add in custom spawns (creatures that belong to the map only for obvious business reasons) to spice up certain areas and make them a lot more challenging. Imagine dragons in the volcano or more ice dragons in the north. What about sand beasts in place of hyenas deeper into the desert?

Flexibility is good. Definitely want to get rid of the leashing at the bare minimum however.

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