Hey is the aggro range/leashing distance bugged on Conan or was it reduced significantly?

Hey there y’all! I haven’t played Conan in a couple years and I noticed something on my single player game on PS4. First: the performance feels much better but I am assuming that is because of the render distance being reduced immensely.

Second: Was there a change to enemies leashing/aggro range? I used to kite the red dragon in the unnamed city entrance to the King Rhino in the Oasis by the mitra temple. Both seem to leash AND return to their original spawn location after being pulled. In fact the distance is so short, even the King Rhino runs away before making it to the Mitra temple.

It used to be you could pull an enemy anywhere and they would simply hangout until they died. Was this changed? Definitely not a fan of that.

Is this due to me being in singleplayer rather than a dedicated server? Can someone test this? Thanks!

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Was changed for the exact reason you were using it. It so the mobs can’t be kites to peoples bases or away from where they spawn.

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Is there a way to change this in the server settings if you rent a private server? Kinda takes away a lot of risks in the game.

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To my knowledge there is no way to change this in the server settings. It’s more a commit to kill it affair. If the mob gets too far from its spawn it will return and heal as it does.

I see. That’s a shame. I used to love logging in only to see a boss was left at my door by some neighbors or trying to have a 3 way battle for fun. They should consider increasing the range a fair bit because it’s extremely small –– so much so the King Rhino will reset himself if he does 3 full charges away from his spawn.

They could also make the hardcore difficulty option disable this altogether. That would be good too.

And somehow I still end up being chased by three saber tooth’s, two mammoths, two white wolves, two elk kings and a bear for several minutes :crazy_face:

It looked like some weird animal parade, I expect Yakety Sax to start playing at any moment


World bosses have a shorter leash than most lower tiered npc’s. Mainly because world bosses were used to destroy bases o. pve servers. Unfortunate “fix” to stop trolls on officials. Be nice if there was an admon setting for leash on or off.


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