Leash mechanic is quickly pushing players away

As most conan players can agree the leash mechanic on npcs is poorly implemented and should be fully pulled out of the game until it can be fixed properly (do not keep it in and small patch it once a month until it FINALLY works 6 months later, pull it and make it work right then bring it back) or just leave it out of the game completely.

dodging all of an enemy’s attacks should not result in a punishment of them retreating and healing

I think Funcom should get player feed back fully for this one and take the fans opinion on what to do with this, have a vote and if we want it pulled pull it, if we want it to stay then keep it, but please, get your players opinion on this first, we’ve had two full servers quit because of this.

Little additions like the leash mechanic are what push people away constantly, we’ve had probably 5 conan apocalypses already (what i call it when they add something that we never asked for and it pushed massive numbers away)

It should have been learned by now that adding stuff like this is unacceptable to the fan base without a massive fan input.

Players have begged you guy to stop adding random stuff to the game that is not needed (and usually breaks it for a month atleast) and the leash takes the cake.

Anyone remember them adding the stupid idle sounds we had then remove one patch later? Yeaaaa that stuff needs to stop

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