How "Classic" servers are named (if any)?

I just thought. are there modded unofficial servers which do not add klingon race or legendary items shops near noob river, but revert the core game to the state when food was useful for healing and mobs were not tied to spawn place nby rubber leashes?

Yes, I remember once saying I am not interested in unofficials. Well, I guess I just figured a condition, which can make me change my mind and turn on curiosity.

Do you know that character can stand on dragon’s back? Err, long story.

The answer is - because kiting a mob from it’s spawn point opens opportunity to make fight dragon vs manspider or decimate theme park’s population or even make a contest who will keep himself longer on dragon’s back while those dragons decimate theme park population. And once all “dragon riders” fell down on earth to enjoy epic battle of dragons vs whoever is here too.

Before Conan Exiles I played the game where animal mobs did exactly so - herbivores roamed in random direction, changing it on other random direction, while carnivores did same until they saw herbivore animal or carnivore of other breed.

Well, I’m afraid it might be too soon for off-topic, so if you would like further details ask me in PM.

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