Dedicated Servers: How to complete Command A Follower journey step with database edits

So, a new patch came out today, but unfortunately a fix wasn’t included for the broken journey step in multiplayer Siptah, Command A Follower.

I’m sure many of you who enjoy the Journey Steps are frustrated by this; not being able to see details on other journey steps before completing them, or even see what those journey steps are, has been a let down since Siptah’s release for those of us private server players that wanted to experience and read everything new with our friends and/or family.

I set aside a few hours today to see if it was possible to advance past this point for those of us playing cooperatively on private servers, and wanted to share the results:

It is!

The following is a 7 step guide on how to edit your Siptah_DLC.db file to grant this journey step to any character(s) of your choosing. Depending on your reading speed and mouse/keyboard reflexes, this should take you anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes per character. Please note that these characters will not get experience for completing the journey step this way.

Make sure you back up your Siptah_DLC.db file first!

You should find it at:
[your install location]\ConanExilesDedicatedServer\ConanSandbox\Saved\Siptah_DLC.db

Perform this at your own risk! You’ll be accessing some very sensitive stuff, and if you change something by accident or fail to complete all these steps in the correct order, your Conan Exiles server save file could be corrupted. Be safe and be precise!

You will need the following tools:

  1. SQLite Database Browser for extracting journey step info.
  2. A hex editor such as HxD Freeware Hex Editor or alternative text editor; required to read and modify data in Hexadecimal form, needed for editing the journey step info.

Once you have what you need, let’s begin!

Start SQLite and click Open Database, then navigate to and open the Siptah_DLC.db file you wish to modify.

Step 1: Determine the ID # of the character(s) you wish to modify
To do this, you need to navigate to the characters data table. Do this by clicking the Browse Data tab, then just below it change the data table being displayed by clicking account and selecting characters from the drop down, as pictured below.




Notice the ID numbers, which I have highlighted in blue, and the character names immediately to their right. If you want to modify only specific character(s), take notes now of the ID number associated with the character names you want to adjust. Using the example above, if you only want to modify SomeSavage, we’ll be looking for id # 81 in the next step.

Step 2: Locate the journey step information
Change the displayed data table again, this time from characters to properties (see the second screenshot above where I circled account, you’ll click that same location again to do this). Just below that, you should see a column labeled name with an empty text input box directly below it that says Filter – click inside this Filter box (pictured below) and type the word journey into it.


You should now see a list of object_id’s matching all of the character IDs we saw in the previous step. Note the faint gray text that says BLOB just to the right in the value column; we’ll be clicking on these blob labels next.


Step 3: Extract the BLOB
Select the BLOB box next to the character ID you wish to modify. Now on the far top right side of the window, take note of the Import, Export and Apply buttons (circled below), as we’ll be using all of them soon.


For now, click on Export, and save the .bin file somewhere convenient for you to work with.

Step 4: Increment the number of completed journey steps
Open the file you just exported with HxD if you chose to download and install it, or your own choice of hex editor. Near the top of the information displayed, find the 5th group of 2 numbers – in HxD, they will be directly beneath the column label 04, as shown below.


This number represents the number of completed journey steps for this character. If this isn’t updated correctly, some or all of this character’s existing journey step progress may be lost, and the game client or server might crash when this character logs in. So it’s very important that we increment it correctly to reflect the one additional entry we’ll be making!

At this location will be a two character value like 04, 0E, 22, or 3F, with several 00’s to either side. If you’re familiar with Hexadecimal values, increment this value by one now and scroll down to the next step, Step #5.

If you’re not familiar with Hexadecimal, here’s the simplest instructions I can offer you without explaining Hexadecimal to you. First, take note of the current value you see at this location. Now, figure out which of these cases matches the value you see, and do as the step says:

  1. If the second character is 0 thru 8, increase it by one like you would any normal number (so 5 becomes 6)
  2. If the second character is 9, change it to A
  3. If the second character is A thru E, change it to F
  4. If the second character is F, change it to 0 – and THEN increase the FIRST character by 1 (don’t worry, it will be a number 0 thru 6).

If you did this correctly, the sequence at the start of your file should now look similar to this. If you’re using HxD, this number is now displayed in red like the screenshot below, but will instead display your own newly updated value (mine went from 07 to 08):


If you’re using HxD and made a mistake that accidentally deleted or inserted new information instead of changing the existing value, you’ll get a warning pop-up that “this operation changes the file-size” that asks if you want to proceed. Make SURE you click Cancel if this occurs, and try again to increase the value by one. If an extra number is removed or added here, the journey step data will become corrupted and will cause either the server or the character’s client to crash!

Step 5: Pasting completed journey step information
Now, make sure your hex editor window is focused (left-click once on your edited number or one of the adjacent pairs of zeroes), and then press CTRL+End on your keyboard to navigate to the very end of the file.

You should see something like this – just make sure that your text input caret is now at the very end of the file to the right of the last zeroes, as shown here with the red circle:

Now with your input caret still at the end of the file, copy and paste the following data from the grey box just below into your hex editor – make certain you select all of this from start to finish and don’t accidentally highlight anything outside of the gray box; otherwise you’ll corrupt your save file!

Journey step data:


If you’re using HxD, when you paste this into the file you will get a warning that this operation changes the file-size. Click OK on this warning to append the data.


If you did this correctly, you’ll see something like this:


If you’re not using HxD, I will assume you’re familiar enough with hex edits that you know what you’re doing and where to paste correctly. Save your file and proceed to the next step.

For the rest of you, all of the newly added data will appear as red text. Somewhere on the right in red text you should now see Siptah_CommandFollower (it may be split up between two lines, in the example above I circled where it shows Siptah_Comma then ndFollower on the next line). If you can see that text hiding over there somewhere in the red area, then you pasted the correct information – but let’s also check that you pasted it in the correct location.

If the end of the file now shows two red 0’s at the end like mine, you did great! Save your changes to this file now with your hex editor, and then skip to the next step just below, Step #6.

If not, you might want to select the Hex editor and press CTRL+Z to undo your paste operation, then scroll back up and repeat this step (Step #6). If you paste in the wrong position, you may see black or gray numbers after the red ones, and this will cause your saved game to become corrupted if imported. If you think you didn’t do it right or aren’t sure undo worked, I suggest closing the file/hex editor without saving your changes, start it back up again, and then open your freshly exported copy once more before repeating Step #6.

Step 6: Import the modified BLOB

Remember when I told you to take note of those Import, Export and Apply buttons over in SQLite?


Go to SQLite now and click that lovely Import button. Select the file that you just hex-edited and saved. Once opened, you should see the Apply button is no longer greyed out. IMPORTANT: Click the Apply button now to confirm the data that you just imported, otherwise it may not be saved and you’ll have done all this for nothing. :frowning:

We’re almost done! You have now successfully marked the Command A Follower journey step as being completed for this character ID. If you wish to modify other characters, please repeat these instructions starting at Step #3 on the next character ID you wish to modify.

If you have no further characters to modify, you’re ready for the final step.

Step 7: Save the modified database

Before you try save the database, make sure that server that uses this save isn’t currently running; otherwise the server will continue saving to this file and wipe out your attempted journey step fix.

Once you’re certain the save file isn’t currently in use, click Write Changes at the top, as shown here:


To be safe, you should now close SQLite, or it might interfere with your server accessing the database properly.

If you’ve done everything correctly up to this point, congratulations! You’re all finished. The next time you start your Dedicated Server, your computer will now catch fire and promptly explode.


JUST KIDDING! :grinning:
Had to have something silly after all that serious hard work, right?

The character(s) you exported and modified should now register Command A Follower as complete the next time they play in your session. Good job following these instructions, and enjoy!

If by some chance you have problems AND didn’t follow my advice about making a back up copy of your Siptah_DLC.db file, the game itself makes frequent backups, so hopefully you have some of those handy. Check the directory you found the database file in for files named DLC_Siptah_backup_#.db and try restoring the lowest numbered file one at a time (starting with backup_1) by renaming it to DLC_Siptah.db after deleting (or moving somewhere safe) your old copy.

If you have any questions, concerns, or corrections, please feel free to post them here or send me a private message.

If this guide worked for you, I’d love to hear back from you as well! It’ll help me feel better about the really good sandwich I missed out on by skipping lunch to write this guide for you. :sandwich:


Wow, very nice work. There is no way I am going to attempt to do that, I’m just going to wait for the devs to fix it. But very good work!

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and Thank you!

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That’s quite understandable! This could be patched next week for all I know, so it’s probably not worth the trouble for the average player. But, I got tired of my journey steps being hung up on this one objective and wanted to fix it. After I succeeded, I wanted to share just in case there were any other power users here that would jump on a quick fix, and anyone else brave, crazy or desperate enough that they’re willing to give it a try.

I’m very flattered that you seem to have signed up (at least initially) just to comment on this. Thank you. Really! :blush:

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