Defeat Storm Boss task for Battlepass

Can someone tell me what to spawn to challenge this task on EL?
I‘m pretty sure last time i used to spawn the defiler, but this doesn‘t work anymore.

Try bloodmoon beast.

Also, I think there’s another challenge to defeat a surge boss rather than storm boss. That one tripped me up for a while because the storm bosses that worked before weren’t working. But if you search for surge in the NPC list, there should be some bosses listed that will work for that one.

I already tried bloodmoon and some other surge bosses but haven‘t found a matching one. :frowning:
But thank you for your reply, i will try again.

tree like demon, probably there is some event on EL, like sacrifice or smth when he spawns as final boss, i saw it near black galleon before events was cut down (again…)

There’s one at the end of the frozen bridge where he spawns. Been a while since I last did it though.

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Battle Pass Challenges

Storm Bosses:
BlackPool_Boss_Blood-Defiler , Purge_Siptah_BloodDefiler and Wildlife_Siptah_BloodDefiler are working.

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If this is the Cthulhu demon that resembles a tree a little bit? I remember this spawning at the north end of betrayers bridge… There was a summoning circle there and some mobs summon the beast.

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Have tried again but not working for me. I guess it‘s bugged.

Event_BloodmoonBeast_Boss finally worked.

Thank you all for your help. :heart:

yep this is it

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MiGo is working fine - just type it in the admin npc chart.

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