Defeat Storm Creatures Challenge

Solo-Player mode (No Co-Op)

Exiled Lands Map

No Mods

I have the challenge Defeat Storm Creatures. What are considered Storm Creatures on the Exiled Lands Map?

Look for active Events - in Sepermeru or Yogs summoning grounds (or whatever this place was called) - they spawn Siptah bosses at the end of the event. Those technically are considered Storm Creatures.

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The Event Challenge just popped up in my list too.

If you want to have a look at some pointers for challenges please look at You Tuber Pixelcave. He explains how things work for both EL and Siptah. Your answer will be there.

There’s a Blood Moon Beast at the north end of the Bridge of the Betrayer on our server. I got credit for that kill.


I know it is not the best solution,
but at the moment I just spawn in some Blood Defilers like:

  • BlackPool_Boss_Blood-Defiler
  • Purge_Siptah_BloodDefiler
  • Wildlife_Siptah_BloodDefiler

on the Exiled Lands via Admin Panel to complete this challenge. :see_no_evil: :man_shrugging:

Edit: Same counts for Defeat a Storm boss.


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