Is there any way to defeat the "Stormcaller" on Isle of Siptah?


This evening I discovered a so called “Stormcaller” with a friend on the Isle of Siptah. Unfortunately we couldn’t find a way to defeat him - we couldn’t hurt him or do any damage to his shield. Is there any chance of defeating him?

Thank you in advance for all constructive suggestions and tips.

If it’s the one I’m thinking of, you just have to keep killing the people he summons and eventually the boss will appear. You’ll feel like it isn’t working because he just keeps summoning the same ones over and over and over, but eventually it will work.


The event on the Stygian Camp on Siptah? I thought it was bugged too, but as you say very correct @Glurin. I went there to kill the priest and take the eyes of set to learn the religion on 8080 and I stepped in this event. I was ready to get desperate and leave the place. I don’t even remember the loot, but I remember saying, it doesn’t worth it!

Kill adds until the shield eventually drops. Be prepared to kill a LOT of them.

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