Location of Siptah special events?

I’m trying to level my battlepass and it says to complete and event, but I have no idea where any of the events in Siptah are located.

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In the south east noob area, the ring of stones poi with the bear boss pre patch is one

I added that to the Wiki.


There is also one north of the Chamber of Scales (M11). Just outside the northern city walls. I found this 1 hr into gameplay as it was located near my farming hut for The Judge. Did not know what it was, but it was cool.

What you was doing in this event ?

On the stygian invader ruin a kid of storm event happening whit 2 rounds enemys to defeat then a random 3 skull boss show up

Grave matters spawns near sanctuary of the serpent (southish from there) , Caravan is behind the judge spawn location, Broken spawns in betrayers rise (giant blue portal in the sky you can see it across the whole map)

Havent found any others, (will have to check circle of ros kana as mentioned above)

Portal to Yuggot spawns at Leyshrine of the Fiends.

There’s one that spawns one out of four times at the southern entrance to New Luxur.

If it’s not there ride away and kill or harvest something, then ride back. The most times I’ve had to return like that was 4.

What event is ther happening ?

ok cool i will watch out for it but not was seen it yet

Is there a distant marker or map marker that an event is taking place on Siptah? Unless you have a base near an event location, it feels like luck you will see be at one when it is happening, or you have to camp out there for a while until is appears. I am 62 hours into my current game on Siptah and still haven’t seen an event.

I know one spawns outside the fiend leyshrine

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No, they specifically aren’t putting map markers on the public map.

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I can’t understand why they would remove the marker, is it to stop dominant clans from farming events? They will do that anyway by setting up camp near the event spawns and when an event starts I think everyone then gets to see where it is from the sky anyway.

I would have liked the map markers as an option we can toggle in the server settings. This approach of having zero notifications as to where events are happening just makes them very hard to find for everyone on Siptah unless you camp at an event spawn.

I dunno. After it went live, I haven’t been able to do the Grave Matters and Storm(wracked?) event and only did the Set Caravan once. Summon Interrupt OTOH goes off almost like it’s TNT that’s sweat too much.

Well there is at least one marker on the Exiled Lands map. Well, technically it isn’t a marker, it’s just a GIGANTIC TENTACLE FILLED PORTAL IN THE SKY!

That sort of thing is normal on Siptah, but kinda really stands out big time in the Exiled Lands. :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, not sure markers are really needed since they all appear in the same spots. It’s just a matter of knowing where an event occurs and then wandering over into that area from time to time. It would kinda be a little like having map markers indicating when and where a T4 thrall has spawned.

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