Surge boss on EL?

I have a BP challenges to beat a Surge Boss, but I’m in EL. Anyone know what I can murder to get this sweet, sweet 150xp x10?

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a Surge or a Maelstrom boss?

There is an event between the bridge and the obelisk, which spawns a Maelstrom Boss, which spawns minion maggots. They count as Maelstrom Enemies… But a Surge Boss, I don’t know.

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Yeah, I did try that one. Thought it would do it but no dice. Then I tried the 3-skull snake boss in UNcity since I think I remember a snake boss in a Surge but that didn’t work either.

Really sux that it’s looking like a level and a half on the BP is sitting right in front of me and I can get it

The surge bosses are 3-skull humanoid bosses that can be summoned with the admin panel in single player.

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That’s awesome! Kind shocked that works but awesome nonetheless. Any idea what a ID for any of them is? Or the name so I can look one up?

That’s actually a problem. We shouldn’t have to rely on admin commands to complete BP challenges. There should be a location or event out there somewhere that will do the job.

I got one today that says kill storm enemies. I’m guessing it’s the same idea. Need to find an event somewhere that has them.


Try typing elite into the search field, although I haven’t had this challenge yet, I suspect even the 1-skull elite fighters and archers from the surge will count. Update your results here please. :wink:

@Glurin, the event that @Thyris mentioned at the Bridge of the Betrayer has storm enemies. However, I agree with you completely that these challenges are not currently being tailored to the map we’re playing on or our character’s level. the real challenge so far has been finding what is needed in the admin panel, and that’s not any fun. :sleepy:

Alright, just got back home and tried the spawning in a elite fighter (Aesir Elite Fighter I think it was) in single player and it worked! Thank you for the suggestion!

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I spawned in Surge_Giant_Calamity_Boss and it didn’t work for me. If he isn’t a surge boss…who the heck is? 3-skull giant skeleton.

But a 1-skull Aesir Fighter Elite did…that’s just odd.

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Look several posts up @St.Michael :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

I saw those. But I’m just saying something that actually has “surge” and “boss” in it’s ID doesn’t count as a surge boss, but a fighter does…that’s just really odd.

But I also agree totally with @Glurin that we shouldn’t have to rely on admin commands.

Maybe there are mobs in EL that count as a surge boss, I don’t know.

The event that occurs in Sepermeru has Storm sick Warriors that fall from the sky.

Admin panel is not required, you can start a surge. The reason I suggested the admin panel was that it was a simplified answer.

Not everything in the admin panel is implemented in the game. The surge bosses are just 1 & 3 skull fighters.

Can’t start a surge on EL, we have purges, not surges. Surge is purely a Siptah thing.


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