Delving bench bug

Currently on server pve 8005 EU cannot place anything into delving bench. Please be advised.

Not saying this is the case for you, but I’ve had to manually put each item inside.

I’m on PS4 and the button is R2 to instantly deposit items into containers - but that didn’t work for the delving bench.

I had to click the item, (select it like I would within my inventory) then select the box in the bench. Of course the cursor vanishes, but despair not - it seems the cursor was on the second line within the bench itself. Scrolling up one line or mayhaps two would fix it for me. And I was able to place items in the bench itself. Of course, the items had to full durability to work.

But that was my experience with the bench. I’ve read others have had a similar issue.

Yes, thank you! This worked putting in separately.

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Glad I could help. Best of luck!

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