What I have to do to get the delving bench to work

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Bug Description:

Delving Bench. R2 doesn’t seem to move items to the inventory. Inventory section not showing, but the label is. R2 seems to try to place items into inventory area when it should go into delve area. It throws a banner showing item can’t be placed in this container. The inventory area is blank with no square spaces for items until an item is delved.

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Expected Behavior:

I figured out how to get the bench to delve for me. I highlight a crafted hardened steel great sword and use the directional pad to get to the middle window. When you do this, the highlighted ‘cursor’ disappears. I push up on the directional pad until the row on the “delve” section is highlighted. Now I just manually move the items by highlighting and directional pad back into the middle delve work area and hit L2 and it works. You need 50 Eldarium and the fully repaired item you want “delved” in the delve section. The issue is there’s no inventory area to highlight when you initially open the bench. Manually moving the items required is the only way I’ve found to make the bench work.

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Steps to Reproduce:

I explained it above.

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The same problem for me. Same parameters except my official server is in Europe

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Likewise for me, both in single player offline and on servers.
It’s not undoable, but it’s sorta a pain manually selecting and dropping everything, especially as the cursor loves to skip over the delve slots.

I think this has always been how to move to “crafting” area. But it does seem like a bug. Pet pen has same mechanic, and works when you do it. They need to look into it.

Hello everyone,

As @LordKAA mentioned, we are aware of this issue.
You can find more information here as well How to place items in delving bench PS4 solution

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we investigate this issue.

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This has been an issue for me since the launch of the expansion.
Is there any solution or patch in sight?
We have been waiting a while.

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See my solution to the original post.

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