Delving bench solution ps4

**Game mode: official server
**Type of issue: placing item in delving bench
Server type: pve
Region: america
**Hardware: ps4

Bug Description: can’t place item inside bench

Steps to Reproduce:place delving bench and try to put item inside.

SOLUTION: scroll over to place item, when box disappears press up once or twice (twice for me) and the cursor will highlight one of the above spaces to put item in.

Hope this helps, only found one video of solution online and did not find another post when searching.

It’s been an issue and it seems it affects a lot of people

I’m able to place the items in the bar at the top of bench inventory, but it never does anything.

Are you making sure there items you place in the top bar are repaired fully?

Beyond that, not every item works, you can use this guide as a way to help guide you


Thanks for that link, was looking for something like that!



Thank you so much. That method works. Up twice


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