Delving Bug for Khari armor [UPDATE]


When delving a stygian raider armor piece, your supposed to get any one of 3 Khari armor recipe scrolls! Instead I get random cooking recipes, armor patch kits, even a Sunburn legendary Axe!!! Maybe if I keep going I will get a Legendary Armor Patch kit :joy::joy::joy:

This may have already been known, but I didnt see a post about it. I checked the wiki and stygian raider is supposed to give you Khari unless its changed :grin:

Have a nice night exiles!

[UPDATE] For some real fun, I went in single player admin today and spawned in all known delvable armor pieces. The majority gave the correct recipe. But some of them gave a bunch of weird items.

Results of note: grandmaster weaponsmith scroll, legatus primus scroll (I do not own this item set), bower of jhebbal sag scroll, dagons breath scroll, khari soldier armor scroll, skelos cultist master scroll, tapestry of zath scroll (item # 30100?), deep sea fisher scroll, scorpion queen venom scroll, midnight alchemist scroll, witch dr scroll, stygian alchemy scroll, maw of hyena cleaver, elixir or rebirth potion, sacrificial blood in flask, now the real instersting ones—> deep drink waterskin, khari water skin, survivors waterskin, xx_purgewalltest 9000010, xx_masscullingitem 43010 bag, attuned runestone 43000. No idea what those last ones do.

On top of that, I got some abyssal weapons and armor that are stuck on the delving bench. Pics to follow.

And it also gave me a “Brazier”. I was able to place it. But it looks like its part of a Leyshrine lol.

Stygian raider also gave some not as good random items.

Epic Aquilonian gave: 6 different sigils, 6 pieces of skelos master armor, a couple xx_skinning knife 90000007, berserker drought, vehemence elixer, questionable cauldron placeable, and a Stygian mercenary sandals armor piece 95571. Never seen that one before.

Black Corsair bandana 51435 gave: Tundra weapon schematic, thrashing maul weapon schematic, draining maul weapon schematic, despicible maul weapon schematic, headache weapon schematic, voidforge dragon armor scroll.

The outcomes of delving on certain pieces sure is broken lol.


Delving is pretty much free atm. Another classic bug in the game

Experiencing this bug also.

I got a glowing torch and a random cooking recipe when delving this after 3.0. One expensive torch IMO…

The other one I’ve had issues with is the aquilonian bracers, bench eats up the armor & 50 eldarium and gives NOTHING in return. Tried 3x

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Decided to test it^^ - hadn’t delve after update.
Quite expensive tests but results are amazing:

Delving Epic Stygian Raider armor 5 pieces in SinglePlayer gave me:
-Tablet of Derketto
-Parring blade
-Tool upgrade kit
-Advanced armor rebalance kit
-Scroll (Summoned Demon) (useless)

Epic Stygian Raider armor delving outcome (Official Online IoS server (Steam, #6010, PVE)):
-Simple Reinforcement Kit
-Scroll (Legatus Primus) - learned Acheronian Legate Primus armor + Epic version
-Scroll (Darfari Weapons)
-Sealed Waterskin

Epic Stygian Soldier mail delving outcome (Official Online IoS server (Steam, #6010, PVE)):
-Eye of Set
-Scroll (Black Hand Banners)
-Scroll (Relic Hunter Armor)
-Scroll (Library of Esoteric Knowledge)
-Scroll (Darfari Weapons)

Delving Epic Acheronian Legate Primus chest gave me Dune Hunter’s Outfit armor recipe.
Delving Epic Aquilonian chestplate gave me Vagabond armor recipe.

Yeah, delving is full of surprises 0_o

yea aquilonien not give any recepie sadly

I can confirm still broken, got summon demon scroll and it will place a demon thrall. also abyssal armor boots, that can’t be picked up.

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