Desired improvements

I can think of a few things that would help the game.

  1. Server play isn’t exactly stable nor reliable. There are few things more annoying or frustrating then spending time on play and creation only to see it destroyed in an instant. Players don’t have enough say it control. Is it not possible to transfer your character, inventory, and the sum of resources put into builds? Couldn’t you establish some kind of relative transfer rate with respect to harvesting, crafting, and leveling? So that if you went from a 3 time experience and harvesting multipliers it would reduce (or divide the rate relative to whatever server you transfer to? Lots of things can, do, have been happening that makes servers vanish or bump players out. This data could be saved on the console even. Even if not that, I urge you to address this somehow as most of hate having to start over constantly for either no fault of our own or mistakes or things beyond our control. I’m not trying to nit pick gripe, but I would like to have some assurance or safety net option instead of wondering will this server work.

  2. Give us the full game or a dlc if we can prove we aren’t underage.

  3. Fix drop on death or at least offer servers without it until it works right. Something like 1 in four times I die, I lose it all because the none working drop on death function simply won’t let me recover my gear. Or offer alternatives like losing some experience points instead on death. Bottom line, I have no faith in a feature the doesn’t work. On the official drop on death server, I only carry tier one gear now and a few food and drink items since I can’t trust ever getting anything back I drop even when I get to my old body.

  4. Fix single player settings. I don’t like to feel like I’m cheating but too often I’m forced to unlock admin just to change single game settings back to where I started the game from.

  5. Find a better server setting for official servers. Many of the most popular non official servers have similar settings. From what I saw, official servers have a pretty fast hunger and thirst rate exasperated by “30 minute” in game days. Isn’t 2 hours closer to a game standard? They also have in average 3 tines harvest rate. Well when servers get crowded this low rate means it’s harder to find resources and when you do, you don’t get much. The devs may not have foreseen how many people might play so resources don’t reflect that. Also, it wouldn’t be as frustrating experiencing some of the bugs or drop on death, if it didn’t take as long to replenish. It would help troublesome server issues a bit too. It might be like a band aid on a severe wound but it’s better that the bugs or features that don’t work right messing up your fun.

  6. Establish some construction standards. Most official servers are very laggy, probably because of unrestricted building. Normally that wouldn’t bother me but it does when my claimed land can be stolen and builds destroyed even if I’m there every day or when it interferes with gameplay. Resources and access to major regions are often blocked. Maybe at level 1 you can claim a campsite and at level 60 a castle sized claim? It might not be a perfect solution but it at least might help manage the game and it’s construction feature better.

  7. Would it be possible to share game save; levels; constructions with a few friends? Not quite a server, but being able to multiplay would be great. You could pass around server settings til all agree the set it. To edit all would have to agree or leave the multiplayer feature and send your game save to single player. Servers have at least torn 10 at a time but could allow more total players than that. Multiplayer coop could be restricted to small clan size like 5-10 player in total. There is a coop feature but no idea if you can share more than one or how other players constructions work.

  8. Get a customer service support. I don’t think you have one or its ineffective. Many issues I brought up are ignored or I’m told Funcom can do nothing to fix game issues in their game by Funcom.

  9. Consider bigger servers and/or server admins people can actually contact.

  10. Have an undo feature or some other in game compensation feature for when admins make mistakes or servers go bonkers.

  11. Allow in game text chat at least. Gestures alone don’t always cut it.

  12. Consider adding more story elements and/or an improved easy to follow quest progression system.

  13. Fix the bugs especially the major ones like the dysfunctional drop on death; claim theft and building destruction before even 2 days pass since last online. Enemies and bodies vanishing. Enemies walking through walls.

  14. Fix the balancing issues like things that don’t work effectively if similar types like survival attribute. Survival could heal more or faster from food; cook better food that heals faster or fills stomach more or for longer;build faster; run faster or whatever but every one pretty much says it either doesn’t work at all or offers no meaningful benefit.

  15. Make construction work better. PC users get more control in building placement. Meanwhile, I’m often left with crappy builds I can’t find a way to fix or just no ability to properly align things.