Dev Wipe Meta Official thread

What even is this thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

Imagine if PvP players ever stopped feeling so special and could take the time to mingle with us mere mortals… and discover the power of paragraphs
Just kidding.

Anyway, I might be able to offer some insight as to why your whole buildings are wiped.
I don’t think they’re being done via conventional means as in… not through some ghosting admin character levitating there and spamming shift delete on your stuff… in fact I don’t think admin mode has much to do with it… they might log in to look around if they’re really curious… idk…

But I would guess the deletion happens via external tools with a simple button-press in an application :man_shrugging:
And since buildings are a single object, every connected piece will go, while stability / decay will take care of the rest of the base contents on its own.

As for why the way things are…
We discussed it quite endlessly in a similar, but more PvE oriented topic just now
Maybe you could read some of the stuff in case you’re interested.
I’m not going to repeat all the stuff I typed in there, especially since people don’t like reading it :slight_smile:

I am going to point out though that there are thousands of official servers… hosting tens of thousands of players…
And there’s like 5 people managing every admin ticket… :man_shrugging:
That should give you an idea about how much time they can dedicate to each individual case.

  • Imo. they have a fairly strict internal criteria based on what to judge (which they can easily pull up from the database with a push of a button)
  • quickly assess if it falls into the general categories (probably even have some built in alerts in their software, like displaying a red notification if the base is touching a POI zone or blocking spawns etc.)
  • check out the associated pictures and stuff attached to the report (unless it’s some long video which they’ll probably skip and not bother or play at 5x speed :smiley: )
  • they go through their check list then press either the “wipe base” button… or the “send auto-reply” that they investigated it and found nothing.

I would also think that indeed the number of reports will actually influence this since they can justify doing that to themselves easier "more people wanted this gone… " as opposed to a lone report where they might spend more time investigating.

Still, their system actually works for the most part… because the majority they catch actually DID break the rules - they just simply don’t agree with the rules so they show up to complain - but unfortunately people do fall through the cracks and get wiped for seemingly no reason.

Anyway, that should get you thinking

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Hi @Bamisori

If you have any questions regarding your account, please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk as they will be able to help you out further.

Also please note that we state in our official server rules:
'We typically issue a 14-days temporary suspension as a way to warn and deter against repeating infractions. Any infractions beyond that will result in a longer suspension up to a permanent, non-appealable ban from official servers.

Hacking, exploits and other situations deemed as extreme will be met with a permanent ban on the first offense.’