Our entire clan just quit the game

It’s one thing to block off exploitable building spots, which our entire clan agrees with, such as the mesh in the volcano, where building in it made you basically unraidable. But you also closed off areas that were quite raidable, and not an exploit. Your patch caused us to lose all of our work and our wealth, and we no longer have any desire to rebuild. So we are all voting with our wallets. We had a friend who just bought the game get her money back, and none of us will be back to purchase any DLCs or future Funcom products. We are all going to wait for our Fallout 76 beta invites, and until then will entertain ourselves with other games out there. Good luck Funcom, you’re gonna need it.


If you kept your message constructive it wouldn’t have been flagged.

Of course the same will happen to this guy, he’s been copy/pasting the same message on different boards.

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good riddance ■■■■■■■ cheaters


If a company can’t take a little heat from angry customers, maybe they shouldn’t be in business. There’s going to be flak to deal with when people pay good money for a product and that product doesn’t work properly months into it’s release.
Besides, nothing I said was that offensive nor was it false and I’ve read plenty of posts where people are basically saying the same thing or worse. I’ll use Arnold’s comment above as an example.
If dealing with angry customers means deleting their posts on the forums…well, what’s that say about the company?


Considering they warned about this like a week ago… and you decided to not move … Thats on you.


You made a tantrum and want them to refund you.

You bad mouth them then demand a refund. Do you really expect them to refund you?


This is why you watch the testlive branch and see which building areas may get closed off.

And this is why I don’t build in PoI’s.


If you consider pointing out their poor track record and that they don’t have it together, both indisputable facts, a tantrum and bad mouthing, then clearly you and I have very different views on what constitutes a tantrum and bad mouthing. You act like I called them all sorts of names and cussed them out. I simply stated facts. I may have done so in an outspoken manner pulling no punches, but after two months into full release, plenty of polite posts, and positive feedback given on my part, at this point, they deserve no less. Look around…I’m far from alone in this and thousands of players have dropped off of Steam.
And, no, I don’t expect a refund. I’m just made it clear that if I could get one, I most certainly would.
If you don’t mind paying good money for a defective product, that’s on you. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree and carry on.
Do have a nice day.

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I haven’t been home to check the game, but I am assuming I lost my base in the Volcano. I had not yet moved a fair amount of stuff, but since I expected it to happen, it is on me.

Too bad, I liked that location. I wish they had more locations like that spot that were intended to be ‘secret bases’. Part of the fun for me is trying to maximize building in the geography.

Anyway, I always died on server reset at that location anyway, even with appropriate armor and Reinforced brining me down to just ‘hot’.

How were they cheating?

To bad I cant have your stuff…cya


Voting with your wallets?

They already got your money.

What do you think is gonna happen if you build somewhere that is eventually deemed an unbuildable location? It’ll be removed. Sure, some time would be nice so you could get some materials out, thralls out, etc…

But if you build somewhere that might be questionable as to if you should be able to build there or not, don’t cry foul when they decide it’s not somewhere that should be built upon.

Or throw a hissy fit.

Either way, au revoir.


Funcom did give a warning re that spot. I know someone who built there and managed to move all their stuff out and dismantle their base once the warning was given.

Why didn’t you do the same?

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We are in the same boat. I did not see any warning about this spot, other games like ARK give you an in-game warning when they are changing the map. I can’t be on the forums every day looking for dev posts regarding things like this, they should be somewhere everyone could see it. We had our main base on the volcano, in a non-exploitable area. It was already raided in the past so it was not in a glitched area. We lost it all tonight, and with it goes my clan members because they all got discouraged by the zero warning dev wipe. I love this game, but if this is going to be the norm, I think I am out as well.

if you play hard why you do not use testlive?

I play when I can, so the time I have I am usually farming.

Lmao so you guys built your base on the volcano…I hate the volcano…its hot and sticky lol jk but its very hot I died more at the volcano then I ever did anywhere else in the game…Dont even know why anyone would build there but anyway…I love the funcom team they dont always get it right but they try. They are trying to be as supportive as they can be. I mean if you cant be bothered to read the forums on a daily basis then its not really on them. How many players were in your clan Huckfarmer?

and all from your clan are farming to? do you like surprise?
so it’s not the problem for you at all to farm for smthg new

I am sure that works fine and well on private small servers, but having to redo all your work from server start on official is a lot harder.

We are playing on #1111 and some others. On tetstlive before big patch. It’s a good practice, as we do not like surprise (we have lost 3 our base during EA stage so… it’s a good practice)