Development Suggestion and Future Community Platform

I was wondering if the age of conan developers would consider creating a pvp toggle buff which would allow 2 guild members with the buff to fight one another? This feature would be amazing as it would allow us to create balanced community events. Cool things like 3v3 in open world, large scale 24 v 24 in random open world locations.

I am currently working on a community site which will allow for players to organize pvp and pve and something like the above feature would enhance this greatly. I intend to have this site ready for the first fury pvp seasonal league.

Some features I am considering developing would be:

  1. Pvp event of the day: this would be a XvX battle at a different location every day and lasts the entire day. The purpose of this event would be to allow players to be placed in balanced groups (for now the software would force guildmembers to be on the same side) to experience constant open world pvp in a different location around the game world every day.

  2. Minigame ladder: This would be a matchmaking system that would place players on 2 teams with balance (MMR and class spread) using the tournament mode. Once MMR balances out this would alleviate the grossly imbalanced minigames that happen more often than not. Players would finally be able to play with players of equal skill, encouraging gradual improvement. Everyone hates no healer minigames and afk players (vote kick option in lobby before game).

  3. Dungeon of the day: this would be a queue similar to RF but dungeon based with a different dungeon each day.

  4. Raid of the day: Rather than RF this will be the actual raid with a signup similarly to raid finder with a different raid each day.

  5. Dungeon Hosting: This would allow any individual to host a dungeon run that they can invite users to or open to the public (restricting by class if necessary).

  6. Raid Hosting: This would allow any individual to host a Raid that they can invite users to or open to the public (restricting by class if necessary).

Future goal for both Dungeons and Raids is to provide videos, screenshots, and strategy information on the encounter within the interface.

Would you guys find a community website that offered these features to be worthwhile?
Would you use it?

  • Yes, I would use something like this.
  • No, This sounds useless.

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Another pvp suggestion I’ve been thinking about that would be really cool is an ability to challenge another team to a fight. Once you’ve initiated the fight there will be a window that pops up with a number of parameters you can use to customize the rules of engagement. Some ideas:

  1. BoX series - 2/3, 3/5. etc
  2. Respawning Allowed - If yes how many kills per round to win round (5,10,15, etc)
  3. Choose your place of battle, The minimap appears and you click anywhere within the zone where you want to fight. 2 respads will appear equidistant from the location selected, one for each team. These pads can only be used by members of the team assigned to the pad.

The above feature would be amazing if we could also extend that to a raid. So a raid can challenge a raid to the above.

I feel like this feature could generate some very exciting and fun pvp events. This would open up the potential for 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, 12v12, etc tournaments.

Would you guys be interested in a feature like this existing in age of conan?

  • Yes
  • No

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It’d be really cool if FunCom opened up something like open-source feature development, which exposed portions of the game to the open source community. I’d love to try and implement some stuff in this game.


The current dev group are not qualified to make significant changes to age of conan without risk of breaking the game entirely so they are in a state of " i aint touchin that sh*t"

Unfortunately this means that all this stuff you guys keep wishing for is as likely to happen as me winning the lottery.

I suggested this long time ago. :slight_smile: AoC has great community, with some effort we could develop AoC by gamers for gamers.

I don’t think so. The real issue is the legal ramifications of opening up previously proprietary source code up to open source developers. FunCom would have to make it explicitly clear that they have full legal rights to all assets generated by the open source community.