Devs and mods give a sh** on this forum ? conan is becoming increasingly unplayable

You know I think it is hilarious how every post you have on here is either defending the broken game or telling everyone else how they are wrong about the game. Seriously everyone go back and read his post on the forums. Are you paid by Funcom? Or have some other agenda on here? You always say how you do it have any of these bugs and such and your game is so fine. So why are you always on these forums? I mean I would think if your game is in such a great state then you would be playing the game and not here telling others that they are wrong. It is not a damn server problem. It is not an internet problem. It is a development problem. And until everyone everywhere starts to stand up to this kind of thievery then the game business as a whole will remain the same.

And this was in regards to Shadoza in case anyone was wondering.

Funcom’s quality control on their patching is atrocious given the issues apparent within hours of playing immediately after ut was released. A company with testers and a testlive system has some serious internal issues to deliver a patch like that recent one. I have experienced issues in all the areas mentioned by the OP. I suspect thrall AI was “optimised” to lead to the less satisfying game experience we have now with lack of response. I fought in New Asagarth and npcs stood around, went pasive quickly, etc. What was a too easy fight is now pathetic. Given how Joel feels it was a mistake to add NPCs anyway, maybe the devs think it’s ok to scale back AI routines. Bad call IMO, they’re in the game and players want them to behave as expected.

I have noticed the following bugs since the big patch:

  1. Enemy NPCs not attacking.
  2. Thralls not defending / attacking.

These are not isolated occurrences. The bugs are real.

People say these bugs aren’t server related but I do think that maybe some could be possibly as I have played on a few servers but mostly on 3 official servers on PS4 and 1 private one (But only briefly on this one.)

 On the server I use most I have only encounter a few issues. Hardly any bad issues and no game breaking ones, just minor ones.
Owned Thralls don't attack
Thralls fall through the ground
Purge is broken.
The occasional Foundation disappearing. (Hasn't happened for two weeks now)

Those are the only issues I have on the server I play the most. Use to have issue with body disappearing but that hasn’t happened since the last couple patches came out.

However on one of the other official servers I experienced a whole lot more of the bugs people have mentioned.

opponents do not attack
purge is bugged
thralls are bugged
interaction bugs (Cannot interact with wheels of pain easily since last update)
wall bugs (Sometimes when the game loads me in the walls have no collision and I can float over foundations)
server crashes (Only happened once within the second week of its release but my character still had all his items that were equipped at least.)

In general my experience testing servers and sticking mostly to one server over the last few weeks has been pretty good and stable.
It’s not accurate to say that everyone is experiencing all the same bugs or crashes when lots of players have had hardly any issues at all.
For instance in all my testing of servers and many buildings built I have not had any items disappear as in chests, Thralls or items placed on triangle foundations.
Only 5 wooden foundation blocks and a trebutchet. Not game breaking at all and the event log said that was due to the ruin system.

The fact not everyone is experiencing all the same bugs makes it a bit harder to fix I would assume.


The answer of the question is yes. They give a sht and much more. I’m the most critical user in this forums about Funcom policy and the way they have to manage their resources, but they are one of the most responsive staff wit their community. Precisely, they have released the 500 patch before being ready, only for our preassure on this forum. And that has clearly been a mistake. We must be fair, otherwise, our complaints will become just annoying noise.


yes and the 500 bug patch brought 500 new bugs and the old ones are still there

Maybe or maybe not. But it has nothing to do to your question.

they seriously just bad at managing their own game

“they are on vacation” So all employees are on vacation at the same time?
We also have to do it that way. We operate our patients incorrectly, and then just go on vacation 1 month. If there are problems, we refer to our vacation

I mostly use New Asagarth thralls, my base is in the South map, somewhat close to the Pirate ship.

The thing is, my thralls never worked as they should. Sometimes they would shoot closing enemies, like Crocs and Hyenas that followed me towards my base, sometimes they would not… but one thing they always did was engage once I took damage.

Now they dont even do that, following thralls also simply dont attack at all, no matter if they take damage or if its myself taking hits, they sit idle. I have to order them to stop following and hope they fight back once damaged. thats the only possible way I could find to have a following thrall attack an enemy. But the ones I have in my defense… these dont attack anything anymore, but they used to.

The real problem is that instead of having actual conan discussion on the conan general discussion board we get 300 mentally handicapped children flooding the board with bug reports and suggestions that all belong on entirely different sections of the forum, so whenever I come here to actually discuss the damn game all I get is whine threads and morons.

It’s a funcom game you fruitbasket. It will never ever be bug-free, anyone who has ever played a funcom game knows this. Enjoy it for what it is and take your suggestions to the SUGGESTIONS forum and your bug reports to the BUG REPORTS forum so people who want to share their conan tales and talk about the game on the GENERAL DISCUSSION forum can actually do so.

Only moderation I want from funcom is to move threads like these off the damn general board.


When you work for years… and work over 60 hours a week and do this while having random people curse you out daily…then tell me that a country mandated vacation is started that you would ignore it and continue to work! Till then it’s all gibberish being posted.

It’s like the patch had older versions within it.

Has anyone seen these guys working in their office because I’m struggling to imaging professionals taking this seriously, what with them using the 1.4 million sales to defend themselves with.

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Starting to see that clearly now and even on week one of playing the game I sensed that the decision making progress behind the scenes was a bit questionable.

and the best thing

theres no response from any MOD or DEV in this Forum.

I believe they’re still on their mandatory vacation - (not joking).

Vacation after Release ?

2 Months Vacation ? this communication from Funcom is a Joke.

Not 2 months, just some time in July. Everyone needs time off once in a while. :slight_smile: It’s good for the soul! We did mention this here. This is around the only time they can do it. Unlike many other businesses, it’s not as easy as having someone cover your shift. While most are away, the community managers are still around. I’m collecting all feedback and reports and answering where I can between here and other social medias.
We’ll continue working on the game of course, but I appreciate your all’s patience in the meantime.