Devs are wrecking this game

First, they wreck the purges by making it so complicated to get one to spawn that it is not worth it. Then by some supreme idiocy, they ban us customers who actually spend money to buy bazaar items. When the erroneous ban is lifted they then compensate some (but not all) for all the trouble. Those of us who did not receive compensation, I can assume are not valued customers. On top of all that, they completely wreck combat by taking it back to the dark ages and making it less intuitive than ever. Further rot, in an attempt to find thrall and weapon balances they only nerf, never increasing or making more of a variety of thralls and weapons interesting to farm. Only a select few are worth the time to farm. Not sure if I’m interested in this game anymore. Too angry right now to decide.


it seems they are taking one step into a good direction, but two steps into the wrong one…
The new combat mechanic is garbage to say the least.
The insane bugs that come with each new chapter can only be explained by somebody within the dev team sabotaging the company.

We were warned about how badly they are wrecking the game, but we were all wondering how badly they would screw up this release.
At least the waiting is over.

Just did 12 in row and counting- laterz!

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