Devs need to adress the thrall issues ASAP

Thralls are supposed to be a very important aspect of this game and they are currently one of the most bugged features.

  1. The AI is still weird, thralls tend to rush and do random things when players get too close to them, sometimes even leave the house
  2. Placement bug, its extremely annoying have them fall through the foundations and be gone for a FULL DAY (this happens all the time, probably the most annoying bug ever), they only return after daily restart…
  3. They are extremely limited in small spaces, like small houses. Lack of commands, proper AI and impossibility to place them nearby others (why is that?!) makes it virtually impossible keep 3 or 4 thralls indoors a small house without a LOT of patience to place them… until they bug through the foundation, rush outdoors when a player passes by, etc…
  4. Now that thralls are immune to player damage we need a proper way to dismiss a thralls who is no longer needed, placing them permanently all over the map wont do any good to the servers
  5. They unequip weapons when engaging in combat… so people have to fill their inventory with stuff that way they cant put their weapons away.

These are just some issues, you need a -LOT- of work to make thralls something fun, because its extremely annoying the way they are


Yeap. Broken and useless except for crafting thralls.

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It will be nice also to have the possibility of :

  • to inactivate the Thralls. they hare in passive and attaque nobody
  • put the thrall in “Stand mod”. they don’t move ans stay at ther position.
  • to put the thralls to the “attention to you”

This would greatly enrich the possibilities of RP and room beautification.

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