Fighting thralls worthless

What is the point of thralls, besides crafters and entertainers? The AI is so terrible you might as well not have them. I have archers set to defend my base and they just stand there. Thralls with shields will just surround the enemy and block without using their weapons. Is this being worked on?

To watch them spontaneously explode, of course.

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WTF, seriously?!

Haha, yes. Thralls bug out and die all the time. At least the ones following do. I never had a problem with the ones I leave stationary (other than them not fighting properly).

Hi there,

So thralls are getting some attention in the next patch. Please keep a lookout for more info soon!


That’s good news. Bugs revolving around thralls are what annoy me the most.

Great news! In that case, I’ll stick around a while.

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