Devs play on official?

I dont think the devs play on official servers at all? Or pvp? Can this be confirmed? Just a thought because if they did, I don’t think they would let a lot of things happen. I wouldn’t mind seeing them on an official server. Not a threat, just be cool to have someone there to understand what’s going on, how the pvp works etc

I wish they would. And I wish they would’ve done that 3 years ago.

Probably they play PvE on private servers :slight_smile:

How do they test if they don’t play their own game? Why should a developer play against someone who still doesn’t know his game? Would this be fair? Do they have to play on official servers so they can understand? Are you sure you are better of them on their own game and you want to challenge them? In any case, some things is better for us not to know, if you cannot understand why, I can’t explain either, because maybe I don’t understand too, I am no better than you after all. But… I would love to play in a server that they play, it would be super cool :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Oh im not saying I’m better than them at their own game or anything along that. I’m just saying I think they would have a better understanding on how things work if they played on officials. It might show them how pvp works and how some things, like the transfers, just ruin it for others. Like being able to transfer God’s or if someone doesn’t have the siptah map, then others can come over with siptah gear and nothing on exiles can match up to that. It’s just little things in the works. But I agree I think it would be cool to play with a dev on officials

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(Sigh). Yes, they play on various server types. Always have (as they have talked about numerous times, despite the common narrative around here). No, they don’t play Conan and play nothing else. No, its not a requirement for any dev team anywhere to be expected to play “their own game” outside of work hours (even though gamers demand it be so).


I still remember the stream that Scott Junior and Nicole did from their houses trough the Corona virus begging. Nicole had her cat and Scott his dog. I remember Scott speaking about his participation on a role play server. Ohh I was so envy for the server admin back then, omg 🤦🏼. But I guess a fun is a fun, you can understand this I suppose.

(Sigh) no they do not play on official servers. Private, RP and PVE yes they do. Yes they have stated they play on different servers but none of them are official so they don’t really see how things work. They don’t do pvp so they don’t realize how it is losing all those hours you put in to try and protect you. But hey, what do we know right?

Hey there,

Yes, we have devs playing on official servers. We also have devs playing on private servers and single player, which are also equally valid ways to play the game.

As per the possible implicatures of the original message:

  • Please use our Zendesk platform to report infractions on Official servers.

  • You can also use the Feedback section of the forums to suggest changes for the game, especially when providing elaborated points.