Devs- Please clean up Stalker trials leaderboard

Hi Devs, could you please do something about the leaderboards in Stalker Trials? On the majority of the maps the top 10 is people with 0 base points, 250000 purse bonus, and 851840 turn bonus and “Not a scratch”. It is an impossible combo and you of all guys know that. If I am mistaken please correct me, however i highly doubt it. Apparently you took down AnOniM´s score which I posted about here so I guess you have listened before.

Also twitch shot and gunslinger is broken in Stalker Trials. Take care. I love the game and especially Stalker Trials since you can try new methods without consequences.

Hey MasterBjorn :slight_smile:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ll have it reported back to the developers.

Could you also go into further details about Twitch shot and Gunslinger, and I can check back with the devs and hear if it’s a bug or intended.

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It is covered here and here.

Thanks! It’s been reported back to the team

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I have browsed, but have not found an answer.

  • Why isn’t the ■■■ Machine among the sexy 10?
  • Connection problems ? - No.
  • I would upload pics if I could (New)