Giving away nr1 strat to prove that the leaderboard is acting weird. Stalker trials Izza and Fala & Scraplands



This is a follow up on this thread @Jens_Erik. I recorded many attempts to break my own highscore to get the well deserved nr 1 spot and to prove that it isnt my internet that is disconnecting or that I am not taken directly to the leaderboard after completion as it was assumed by the devs. No hard feelings.

The maps that I have grinded is Izza and Fala and Scarplands as they in my opinion are those to have errors in the leaderboard thou it might not just be limited to those. The recordings arnt even medium quality as my computer sounds as it about to take off and I can count the fps by hand. I show the full strat both to give the devs proof and for anybody to try it themself. Maybe it is just my computer or internet connection that is failling after all.

I have concluded that the leaderboard do update when the highscore is broken with a score that is a certain percentage above the previous record in the leaderboard, however it doesnt update not with the same score, I noticed it doing so 3 times. In the video at 4:18 you can see it jump from 2309410 to 2315462 even if the completed score is 2443988. It feels like score is calculated with different formulas, one for the reveal once completed and one in the leaderboard. That is just me guessing. Here you can see it for yourself.

Mind control is broken btw as it releases directly after the turn is finished (which of course is to my benifit).

I am only missing the first critical hit (75% chance, come on) which would add another 70000 points to the score (I assume the sixth crital hit would end up giving 30000 points minus the projectile kill of 2500 points. 2,551 x 27500 = 70152,5)

Izza and Fala
I did beat the highscore over and over again without it moving in the leaderboard. I guess everthing is in order on my part and the leaderboard is just broken. Here you can see for yourself.

In retrospect I could probalbly have sold a few more addons and a hat or two to get some more in purse bonus. However that is for another day.

Take care!

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