Stalker trials 1 turn clear with 12 kills


I gotta rant. How is it possible to clear the map The Iron Serpant on Stalker Trials in one turn (I assume 851840 points is 1 turn) with all kills (Overkill x2.2 means 12 kills in 1 action)? Just how?

On another note, any1 got any tips on how to get over 1 mil on The Grogg Den in Stalker Trials?

Edit: I got it.

The top 10 is filled with people with 1 turn clears, 250000 in purse bonus and “Not a scratch” which is impossible. Can someone explain if i am mistaken?

Wherever there are leaderboards on PC there will be cheaters.

Hi there XDDD,

Score is cleared just to let you know but you can also check the credits and look up this nickname so you can see that i’m not a cheater :* XD.

I am highly interested in how you managed to do it. Which credits?

So why did you clear your highscore then? (How do one even do that to begin with?)

It’s cleared by devs, if u rly want to know :stuck_out_tongue:

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