Purse bonus in Stalker Trials?

I’m a bit confused about this bonus, which seems to affect the score quite heavily. I’m inclined to believe it is connected to the number of attempts to clear a map. So I got these two questions.

  1. Is it indeed connected to the number of attempts?
  2. If it is so, can it be reset?

I’m asking this 'cause I seem to be stuck on the 4th map (7 robots). I can’t get the 3 star rating for the life of me and it seems everybody who’s got a top score also had a hefty “purse bonus”, which I cannot increase (stuck at 4600 or something like that).

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I’ve reached out to The Bearded Ladies about this and was told that there’s a patch coming to the game that will update the leaderboard system that should resolve the issue.

@Cherokeedog: It’s true what MasterBjorn is saying: The Purse bonus is connected to how much scrap you have left over from buying equipment and items. The more scrap you have, the bigger the Purse bonus.

MasterBjorn1337, thanks for the Purse Bonus explanation. I did indeed sell everything I was not using, save for some helmets, and my Purse Bonus went up, yet just as you said, it’s nowhere near 250k, like I’ve seen other people having (I’m somewhere around 30k). So…is there a way to increase scrap earnings?

As for the maps, I still have to get a 3 star rating for the last 3, but I’ve been doing them in order, so I don’t know how difficult it is to get on the last 2. I’m stuck in the Grogg Den and frankly…I only have one more attempt to make. I managed to clear the map in 8 turns / approx. 10 minutes, with only the two basic modifiers, yet my score only reached 770k. My next and last attempt will be to try and get the most modifiers activated, but that will definitely increase both the number of turns and the time. I will see how that comes out.

Jens_Erik - I guess my question stands for you too: is there a way to earn more scrap, other than selling my rewards?

Managed to jump over 1 mill in Grogg Den, with a purse of 26k. 8 turns and 5 modifiers, but it was a freaking surgical operation. So it’s doable, but it’s painful.


Hey again! I sent your questions and this thread over to the developers and got the following response that should hopefully clear some things up:

I’m also going to post parts of this message to the other thread about the leaderboards. Hope it cleared things up, but do let me know if there’s anything else :slight_smile:

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