Did anyone actually think top tier thralls needed to be stronger?

Title says it all…

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Yes, they were to weak.

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Id say most off em needed to be stronger, some not so much. Every one running around with Erii was rather silly. And why even bother with lower area t4 thralls? Now at least they stand a chance to be usefull. My beloved Mei the blade can now perhaps even join my ranks if i ever find and kill all the left behind thralls from long gone clan members. But that being said, i dont want no 18k hp thralls eighter. Big thumbs up for the rng in stats growth btw, like that alot. :slight_smile:

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Okay let me rephrase…

Did anyone actually think top end thralls needed to be stronger?

I have a T4 Purge thrall (Beastmaster Ulfarn) that has more than 11K hitpoints at level 0. Can’t upload a photo unfortunately since I am new to the forums. Will try to send a link to photos.

Gave him an epic flawless cimmerian and the wight blade (+5 vit) and he had 14.6K hitpoints at level 0.

I know what you are saying in terms of the new system. It’s an exponential system so weaker thralls become slightly better and powerful thralls become incredibly better.

I had a Dalinsia in a chest who started with 30 Str, 30 Vit and 0 in everything else. 9000 Health.
She is Level 14 now
42 Str
9 Agi
43 Vit
12 Acc
10 Surv
10,859 Health

Another guy on our Server got a Janos just after patch and he only had 6K health but he started with 40 Strength. In theory he could end up with 60 Strength if he gets a tic on every level. (similar to my Dalinsia who has gotten Vit on every level except one)

I never expected to turn a Tier 1 fighter in to a beast but the idea of making starter river named in to great warriors is a bit of an illusion. Top tier thralls? The sky is the limit and while they shuffled the deck a bit on top tier it’s still the same names.


Still using old thralls. Old T4 Captains using top tier weapons still kill everything. 1H Pref Relic Hunters still knock out everything. No healing arrows have been required so far. T4 thralls seem to have lost about 2500 HP but get bonuses from armor vit stats. The AI and mechanics are all still the same - and for what I use them for, they have been good enough for me.

My berserker started with 15 str. In full str gear she has 60 str and she only got one str perk.

The old berserker killed The Brute pretty consistently at 2m12s with sword of crom. At level 16 my new berserker killed The Brute in 43 seconds.

If we add gear and a food buff in to it, the Janos that started with 40 could have up to between 72 and 75 strength. 9 from armor, 3 from food buff and 3 from a weapon if you don’t mind them using 1 handed.

I should point out, I don’t hate the system. I like the fact that Dalinsia is back with a vengeance. I spent a thousand hours with her, only changing out when I found Sep City Captains. In addition, the new named thrall system makes starting names a location factor and that makes sense in the way we get thralls. Getting an end game thrall on starter river leads to other questions like, why even go to the Volcano?

I don’t even object to the way we power up. Having Thralls be an extension of our own levels is fun to progress. I’m just making observations. If I had to measure the new system I’d give Thrall leveling an 8 out of 10. Dalinsia is now 15 and I still haven’t found another one. I’m pretty sure it’s just bad luck and not a broken spawning system but I would like to find a few more to see if they all have 9K starts or I just got lucky.

She got a dud perk at 15 so it isn’t over until it’s over but at 15, health wise she is a Tank of tanks and still hits like a truck.

A strange thing I noticed on other thralls.
2 Freya, both started with 30 str, 0 Accuracy
2 Relic Hunter fighters, both started with 0 Strength, 20 Accuracy.
So Fighter, Archer titles are also cosmetic. We will need to explore all thralls to see who has stats for what jobs in the game.

I haven’t tested levelling thralls yet, but I’d appreciate it if low tier thralls would have a higher potential of growth than higher tier thralls. This could make capturing and levelling lower tiers actually rewarding, while top tier thralls get just a little bit stronger and not overpowered. No idea whether this already applies to the current game, just my thoughts.

Not really. The parameters could simply have been changed instead of making a leveling system. Or perhaps just let the player choose the attributes parameters on followers. But when you get right down to it, it was a simple and effective system that I didn’t see anyone complaining about.

I haven’t noticed too many people saying they’re thrilled about having to go find new followers and then level each one of them. The way I understand it, they have to be following you to level so you can do only one at a time. This game can be “grindy” enough. I know for myself having had long standing established bases, this would be a pain in the backside and not much fun at this late stage. And the pause in harvesting rocks and such…why? Just why? They did a good job on the horses though.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have no idea why Funcom would feel the need to change something that was working fine with so many bugs and performance issues still present in the game.

It was for pvp so offline raiding might not be as easy. But all they had to do was buff guarding thralls. Now following thralls will ruin normal combat

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All T4 fighter/archer thralls seems to get 45 attribute points initially and how they are distributed seems to be by faction, so fx any T4 cimmerian from mounds gets 30 vitality and 15 strength right from start, T4’s from other factions have a different spread of attribute points, common is that no matter where they are from they will get the same amount of initial attribute point being the same tier :slight_smile:

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