Differences between Solo Campaign and Online

So over the weekend I started playing a little bit of the solo mode, which I hadn’t done before. Was curious about how the game would play whilst adjusting server settings away from the normal official settings…

I noticed that in my solo campaign, with XP levels, thrall and resource spawns, gathering rates etc all adjusted the game experience was shocking compared to the experience on a online official server.

In one spot I had about 20 shalebacks just ‘hanging out’ and in fact, when I dived in to aggro in became apparent that they were even ‘stacked’ almost perfectly on top each other. Right down to mimicking their movements and all…

The stutter that is being reported by some players was pretty bad, unlike when I play on official servers where it is almost imperceptible for me.

I am wondering how much ‘stability’ the games loses when we get further away from the ‘official’ server settings? Is something someone has looked into? Not an expert on this at all just curious…

With server settings further away from the ‘official’ would memory requirements, processing power etc change with it?

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This is a known single player bug, it’s been widely reported and. it’s on Trello

Single Player requires more resources in order to run the game world + the game, unlike playing on a server. However, with my PC, it runs smooth as butter since the latest patch. There are a multitude of things that can cause performance issues in single player, not everything game related.

There is nothing related to changing server settings and causing the disruption you are seeing.

Basically, 99% of the time, there isn’t a lot of difference between official server play and single player, but there are server vs single player bugs that do show up. Duplicate/triple/qudruple spawn issues being just the latest one.


Thanks @Multigun :slight_smile:

Would you be open to mentioning your PC setup, I think I have a pretty good rig built but by the sounds of it it could be better…

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64 GB 3200 RAM
2TB Samsung NVME

Yes, I’m aware my PC is an expensive build. However, much like many other players on this forum, prior to the last patch even on that machine I had performance issues. This last patch really cleaned up just about all the problems that I saw. So I trust that their next up coming patches to address more performance (the one on testlive an the building load speeds) will continue that trend.


I have a computer with specs about half of what Multigun has, and except for the occasional random lag spike (e.g. it may take two seconds to open a container, or very rarely to make an opening attack in combat) the game runs pretty smoothly in single player.

I’ve also not touched most server settings from the default options, so I have vanilla harvesting rates, NPC respawn timers, day-night-cycles, etc. and I’m still suffering from the NPC multiplication bug. (I think the only server setting I have touched is enabling the Purge.)


That’s really strange !

I play lot singleplayer, mostly for testings, but also for my fun simply.
But of course i play also on servers, and had different servers myself over time.

Singleplayer experience was mostly smoother to me, with less stutter, even when the game had more of them.
Actually the game is doing very fine for me, and i don’t own the very last hight-end beast machine.
In singleplayer there are no connection issues that you can eventually experiment while log-in on any server more or less. Official are mostly more known for theyr lag, and bugs due to overspam, clutters and stuff.
So yes, i’m curious how it comes that your singleplayer experience may be worse than your official server one.

One thing, the multi-spawn problem exists well, especially on singleplayer.
So if you push spawn-rate it may even goes worse, that’s also a fact. If you log as admin, then tp by map or coordinate around like wild, they will ever demultiplie more, at each time you re-enter the area. They have no time to cycle, despawn the previous ones, and spawn new ones.
But like said, it’s an issue currently known under that, and i hope myself on a fix.

Make some further tests. Maybe with lowered graphics, try reset the values to default, and restart a new game to see if your problems persists. I think it’s worth it.

Then, there is no real campaign in singleplayer, not more than on a server. You’re just more on your own, you’re the chief, the admin if you want, and the boss.
And you can ever add mods if you wish, enter god-mod, and more.

But end-goal, server or not, have fun, and enjoy your time !

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Don’t worry, i think most players have a pc half than this of Multigun. :wink:

But you’re right, game is doing very fine for since the last patches and fixes.

My rig is a little ‘different’…

I rescued a HP Z220 from the e-waste pile at work, had everything in it except RAM… :slight_smile:

I7 3770 3.4ghz
16gb DDR3
2 X 500G SSD

Being a workstation might be why my online experience is better than single player, IDK

I also have a Dell G3 which I haven’t loaded CE onto yet, probably do that over the weekend to see how that performs…

But your right @Vattende, the game is doing great imo. We had a massive influx of players over the free weekend, converted quite a few with proactive community involvement from some of the longer term players… All of the ‘free weekenders’ all talk very positively about the game, even saying they couldn’t understand why some reviews were bad. Thats a good sign :sunny:


So, loaded CE onto my G3 yesterday and jumped into a solo game to compare against my desktop…

I chose the suggested decadent server settings and I am happy to say that out was a smooth experience, similar if not better than the online official experience. Didn’t get the FPS matching my desktop but that was to be expected.

After that I restarted a new solo game on the desktop, same decadent server settings and all of the previous issues mentioned in OP were no longer an issue.

Tonight or over weekend I will see if the G3 recreates the issues when I change up the server settings away from the presets…

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One thing I did notice thou on the G3, was that when mucking about with the nvidia settings trying to maximize FPS, not much happened apart from producing the stutter! The quality decreased in comparison with the in game settings but didn’t seem to affect FPS?

I’ve also noticed this on both rigs, framerates seemed affected very little by graphic settings, either in game or on the GPU.

Framerates are always pretty stable, was getting a solid 45 on high with G3 and 60 with my desktop. Both cases a smooth beautiful gaming experience. I’m interested more with the desktop, (MSI 2070 ARMOR 8G), it almost seems like the game is capped at 60fps? (Ultra settings)… is this likely?

Anyone getting 100 or more with CE?

I have a 144hz monitor with g-sync active and was really hoping with the 2070 to be getting much more…

My G3:

  • 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-8750H Processor
  • 16GB RAM
  • 256GB Solid State Drive (Boot) + 1TB 5400RPM Hard Drive (Storage)

Everything worked perfectly on 3770, 1070ti, 16 GB - 58-65 fps. Now I upgraded my PC (8700,RTX 2080,32 GB), but for a comfortable game this was not necessary, I anyway use 70 FPS Lock.


I have a pretty old PC. Never tried single player but I did have a server installed as well as the game client running at the same time, with my gf connecting via our LAN (for a short period, about a week). Game ran perfectly for my gf. She has a high spec machine with everything set to max, game runs and looks great after last patch.

I run most settings on low and my FPS is about 25-45 fps. I use geforce experience for improving graphics as way to compensate for low fps. More vibrant colours, brightness etc.

My specs:
i7-6700 3.4Ghz
Geforce GTX 750 ti

My current setup I am using a virtual machine on my linux server we both connect to via our LAN. Since last patch game runs as smooth as a babies bottom! I have tinkered with settings and have a few mods installed.


Pretty sure I’ve got it set to uncapped but I’ll double check…

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The FPS issue was actually my Nividia monitor settings, the nviidia control panel was set to 1080p 60hz, not 1080 x 1920 144hz… so yeah that was the g-sync limiting the FPS to 60.


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