Different ability values on two chars with identical setup

I have two soli enforcers on different accounts that I have been trying to keep as close to each other as possible in levels, gear, etc., etc. Some time ago I had noticed that one of them has 5 points more int than the other one, with int maxed on both chars. I couldn’t see the reason for that, but I thought I’d find the reason later, when I have time for it. Well, today I have noticed both of them could use some new implants, so I unequipped all of their old implants and their regular armor. So there they were, no armor, no trinkets, no implants, same levels, same side, same org, same ranks in the org, same breed, same prof, same perk setup (both the regular and AI perks), same EVERYTHING, and one of them still had 5 more points in Intelligence than the other one. In desperation, I used the “Reset all skills” option on both of them. All skills and abilities were reset, and all of the abilities - except for Int - are the same on both chars. The intelligence skill was again different: 10 on one of those enfos and 15 on the other one. I have checked, double checked and triple checked all of the perks, and they are also identical, and neither of these two has any points in either Genius or Enhnance DNA perk lines. The only differences I could notice between the chars are their appearence (height and faces), the number of Victory points and the number of Vetaran points available. Could any of those affect the intelligence value? Or is that possible that some items that are not currently equipped could still affect some of my skills?
Edit: there are no active nanos running on either of those two chars.

Is there any difference in research maybe?

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:man_facepalming: Now that you have mentioned it, it seems so obvious :flushed:
Thanks! :slight_smile:


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