Different thrall with no gear

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Europe

Today when I logged to my game I’ve noticed that instead of a treasure hunter seeker thrall (level 3) I had a “performer” thrall with 100hp. The thrall has no gear, despite the image showing him with the armour the Treasure Hunter had… is this a bug? Can you please correct it? Its very frustating to lose such a, valuable trhall and the expensive gear he had because of a bug…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Knowm bug. Ps4 is the only one without the fix… but will come… Nobody knows when.

It has already been addressed in this thread by several players:

It will be fixed in the next hotfix.

Try to protect him (build a wall or something). I accidentally punched one and half his health went.

With the fix they should be restored with all their gear.

fingers crossed. I am currently looking setting up a base in the volcano to get some of those thralls.

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