Different Tome of Kurak Icons


Since the devs have been generous enough to give absolutely each state of the Tome of Kurak its own Database ID, … (maybe to fix the testlive bug back then)

… when it is upgraded at the Thaumaturgy Bench, even though nothing changes visually for the player, a little variety could be added here.

So internally, it would be “easy” to vary the appearance of the book by giving each stage a different icon.
Don’t get me wrong.
It doesn’t have to get out of hand, but maybe the book gets a bit thicker or gets more ornaments, even a simple aura with different colors in the background would spice it up a bit. There are no limits to your imagination
As it is, it’s always the same icon no matter how many times the book has been updated.
So here you could spice it up a bit with little effort, but please don’t just put a simple internally color filter over it like you did with the bandages. :see_no_evil:


*1 (The internal naming and the messed up IDs are not mine and immediately hold enormous error potential. So please pay attention which stage belongs to which ID or clean up the database accordingly.)


Unfortunately color variants are probably the easiest. You have seconds to grab the attention and keep it of most people in the world. Adding something like symbols, ornaments or even roman numerals might be easily lost so wouldn’t solve the problem completely; although it would look much nicer. This is usually mitigated in any type of design and especially for games by color, size or shape variants and thus how people process/attribute that information in these split seconds.

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I’m not really sure what the benefit would be; outside of creative, you only ever see 1 tome on the bench crafting menu.

In my opinion, alternatively they should just have different spells you can research in no particular order using spell icons and not the tome at all.

I get locking the teleporter behind stuff, but you should be able to get the “hide my corruption” cosmetic spell pretty fast… or go right into necromancy without need of resource-finding, etc.

Ultimately, rather than a single linear path of unlocking, maybe specific schools (like thaumaturgy, necromancy, illusion) with their own chains of spells.


First of all, what a joy!!! I cannot recall when it was the last time I see you creating a topic here, since you cannot “lift your head” from constantly editing “our” wiki page. Once again, thank you for your devotion and your charity in this game, you are a worthy Asura leader, no wonder you are a Taskmaster!
I cannot add anything to your suggestion, but allow me to share what I dream-expect, in the future for the tome!
I expect some spells to be casted only with the tome in your hands, very powerful spells, but if you die, you loose the tome too and all the knowledge you gained so far…
I know… I am a mazohist :rofl::rofl::rofl:


What happens if i lose my tome? Can i get another in cave or have to loot someones else? Im keeping all extra tomes i got.

It’s funny but different people can use the same Tome to learn different spells. I got this Tome and returned to our base swimming all the way around the island and my clanmate just took off his bracelet to respawn in his bed naked. We crafted a new staff for him but one Tome was enough for both of us.

Yes please

I am of the understanding that the Tome itself is irrelevant to any specific part of the process; rather, it is similar to how using a thrall adds recipes to a crafting bench. As long as the tome is on the bench, you will see the next recipe (and only the next) in the chain.

So, there is only 1 Tome item; if you lose it and grab another one, you won’t lose your progress and/or multiple players can utilize the same book.


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