Different weapons scaling with different attributes

How would you feel about different weapons scaling with different attributes, in order to diversify the builds a bit?

This already happens with bows but every other melee weapon scales purely from strength. If you look anywhere almost always people will say the best build is 40STR/40VIT regardless of weapon. So what if we made different weapon types scale with different stats like:

  • Strength - Greatsword, Hammer, Greataxe, Mace, Axe
  • Agility - Daggers, Swords, Short swords, katana
  • Accuracy - Bows (already do) Spears, Javelins, Throwing axe (have perks but I believe still scale with strength when using as melee)

If possible you could make them scale with two stats but one at a slightly higher effectiveness. Would also be nice to see more weapons come into the game to flesh this out more, such a staves as agility (thing like old spear light attacks) Make real dual wield possible for new attack patterns as well would be the best thing for combat.

What are your thoughts?


That would make it interesting. Be a reason to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

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An interesting concept Aramis, it would certainly encourage people to distribute their Attribute points more strategically. There few other ‘weapons’ which I feel should probably be assigned to a basket too. Namely the Truncheon, Orbs and Shields.

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bah, you want smack something hard you use your brawn

Pretty much this. No matter how nimble or elegant your weapon may seem or feel, if you want to hit your opponent harder, you need to hit harder. Realistically, strength should also affect bows.

I, too, would like to have something to encourage more variety in allocating stat points, but I’d rather it was something other than making Strength redundant.


More strength = Heavier weight pull of bow longer period of holding at full draw


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