Why is there no strength based ranged weapons?, also spear needs a better combo

Personally I believe that when the crossbow comes back it should be strength based along with the throwing axe and maybe the javelin my conclusion to this is because you’re doing the pulling (string) and throwing with your arm which requires strength also, while the bow is mainly an agility based weapon… I mean you could essentially make them both it just makes more sense to me for those 3 to be strength based.

Also poke poke poke needs to be changed, and maybe a sweep or such since I mainly believe poking should be mainly for the pike rather than spear

Eye of Khan legendary bow is strength based.



Derketo’s Voice, is a strength bow.


Some of the legendary gear switched their attribute affinity so you can get some variety. It mostly favored agility but 2 bows that I know of are strength now. Eye of Khan is one that is occasionally sold at mek spire

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Well since we’re talking about bows and only bows, what do you guys think of crossbow, jav, throwin axe being strength based?

Throwing ax is already. Javelin probably should have been for throwing but it’s an agility melee weapon. Crossbows isn’t standard issue game but would love to see it again.

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Agility in Conan represents Dex in most other games. Dex is typically used as a measure of eye-hand coordination which is far more important than Str when you need to hit anything more than 5 meters away or something that is moving. Obviously strength is a factor for distance (and repetitiveness), but if it has to be one attribute, Agility is the right choice for throwing weapons IMO.

I think Crossbows will be back for age of war 2 tbh

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AFAIK, crossbows need less strength than bows, as you can store energy in the weapon instead of having to hold with muscle strength alone. Professional longbowmen have and need great upper body strength. So… crossbows should even be more agility based than bows.

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This is true, but only in relation to the bow. The professional archers who made up the special units in the armies were always primarily physically strong. And when the British invented giant bows in the Middle Ages, then in general only huge strength began to be required, accuracy was not needed.

spears and some swords need to be nerfed. If we make a comparison with a bow, the paralysis is 3 seconds while the spears are 6 seconds, this is absurd.

After reading this post I went on our private server years ago one of our admin spawned a npc took a crossbow from it then deleted npc I kept on my character all this time can’t use it it does say agility weapon.

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Wak just did a video recently and a couple bows are listed as power draw and show strength as it’s thing so should be a couple out there or check his video

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Wak is the man.

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@Scarborough1994 to my knowledge Eye of the Khan, Bessie’s Bow and Derketo’s Kiss are all STR based ranged weapons.

Is that right? I can never remember the name of the bow that The Servant drops in Warmakers.

We can only hope like crazy that this will be the case. I know I have been lobbying for their return for some time now. And if ever there was an Age to do it, it should definately be the Age of War. Funcom please bring back Crossbows! :cry: :pray:

I’m still trying to figure out when in the timeline Crossbows became functional again. From what I remember (and maybe someone with some knowledge on this can correct me), crossbows became non-functional during the first combat pass of 2018 when the game was about to leave early access.

Since it didn’t have any combos, it didn’t have a place in the new combat system and thus removed (not saying it was right, just that it happened, I mean I was a heretical piercing shot crossbow ranger in Age of Conan, so I was sad to see it go).

So if you were to spawn it in, it didn’t function. To my knowledge.

But sometime it recieved its functionality back. When I first noticed it, I thought it was because of the mod Immersive Armor which has a crossbow like item that uses its own function. I thought maybe that function was allowing the crossbow I was testing to function.

But when I loaded the game without any mods. The crossbow still worked. This was as early as about 6 months, maybe a year ago. So unless crossbows NEVER lost their function, they regained it
sometime between 2018 and 2022. Which I find interesting.

No clue if it will get a reimplantation anywhere in the near future or at all though. Hopefully it will though.

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I will have to go on our server tomorrow and try to find some ammo last I tried crossbow it would not work. Would be interesting if it did

All games make this mistake. There was a reason why kings in medieval England mandated every man to practice shooting longbows. That was done to keep men strong enough to use war-bows.

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