Weapon types and attributes

Can someone on test live please let me know which weapon types work better with which stats? E.g. I assume 2H sword is strength, daggers are agilty, etc. But I’d like to know specifically. Is this info available in a crafting menu or do you have to experiment in-game to discover it? I’m on console so can’t look myself. Thanks in advance.

Weapon scaling Types in 3.0 -
Spear - Strength
Javelin - Agility
Bow - Agility
Throwing Axe - Strength
1h sword - Strength
2h sword - Strength
Shortsword - Agility
Daggers - Agility
1h Mace - Strength
2h Mace - Strength
Katana - Agility
1h Axe - Strength
2h Axe - Strength
Claws/Fists - Agility

Honorable mentions:
Whirlwind -Agility
Havoc and Malice- Strength


Are whirlwind and h an m considered daggers for illusion?

I didn’t test transmogs, but I will once back home.

Figured swords would be 50/50 between str & agility that really does suck especially since I’m not fond of shortswords

but that would make swords extremely devalued or a very specific weapon for a 50/50 build, which probably won’t be the standard way to go

Maybe but swords ain’t slow and unless you’re swinging the sword with some speed along with strength it ain’t going to do nothing.

have you already tried it in testlive? you should not transfer the previous characteristics of a weapon 1:1 to the update. the new system has much more to offer than before and works differently in parts

some weapons feel different in combination with the perks than before. there are really fascinating combinations possible and it is now essential that a weapon is assigned to a single value

When it comes to 1 handed swords, why not make its primary scaling based on the highest value and secondary on the lowest?

20 strength, 5 agility.

  • 40% from Strength (×2 efficiency)
  • 5% from Agility (x1 efficiency)

5 Strength, 20 agility

  • 5% from Strength (×1 efficiency)
  • 40% from Agility (×2 efficiency)

Edit: felt I needed to clarify that these percentages are made up. I cant play testlive. They are purely examples.

Thanks for that. This is going to be interesting for my playstyle as I like swords but the way I use them is more in line with the agility perks than the strength ones (lots of light attacks and roll pokes and uh… stabbing people in the back). Also I would have thought that throwing axes would be an agility weapon, but I guess then they wouldn’t dual wield well with the other weapons.

I’m excited to try it anyway. I think it’ll be more flexible than the current system. First off, I might go for a mix of strength and agility to get the combat perks I want. But all the new stats look fun.


You can always go with something like this.
This is really close to what we have rn

You can move last 5 points in agility to str if you want more dmg for str weapons or vit for more hp and the last perk.

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