Digging Deeper Music Puzzle

Can you break a puzzle permanently or something? I’ve been trying to do the music puzzle in the digging deeper quest with the answer of A2, E1, E3, G3 and G3 found online and I’ve died so many times to the acid because I did not know to put the switch back in its original position after each movement. Now when I go to do the code I get nothing. Just switches moves, no acid it’s like it completely stopped working. I exited the zone and re-entered and the door puzzle and word-floor puzzle work but still nothing when I pull any switches on this music puzzle quest.

Just checking, if pulling the switches does nothing at all now, are you sure you didn’t open the next door?

You don’t have to reset the lever before you pull the next one. And the zone should fully reset if you leave it mid-quest.

Just to be sure, you’re pulling the lever before you play the note, right?

(To JLegrasse) I did check when I was doing the puzzle, door wasn’t open. It would be such an easy thing to miss for sure.

Aeryl had it right, I wasn’t doing the lever before the note. Still surprised I wasn’t getting acid for so much of it though. The reset the lever thing is actually partially true. You don’t have to when you’re changing levers but you do have to if you have the same lever back-to-back. So, I have to hit say Lever 3 Note X and then lever 3 Note Y. I have to move the lever into the original position to be able to pull it and register for the second time.

Thank you both, really appreciate it.

Pulling the levers doesn’t “register”, interacting with the pipes does. You can play the same note twice by just interacting with the pipe twice, you don’t need to reset the levers.