Disappearing buildings, disappointing game

I’ve given this game as many chances as I can. I’ve started a new build over and over and over again, this last build taking up a better part of two months because I thought the issue was fixed(I was told I just need to log out every time before going into rest mode), and I’ll get very far and satisfied with the structure, sign out for the night, get back on, and the whole building save the occasional door or elevator is gone. I can even snap to them, but the rest of the build is gone, and they’ll disappear eventually too if I don’t snap a new object to them. I’ve spent an entire month just being totally unable to play the game because their update caused a bug that crashed single player on the PS4. I’ve regretfully spent money on the DLCs, and quite frankly want my money back. I hated Ark’s build limits, but I’ll gladly go back to that knowing that my saves aren’t going to magically corrupt overnight.

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Not for me. The only things that stops me from playing CE on my PS4 is lack of free time.
As for your building disappearing, check their stability with a Repair Hammer. Because from the way you describe it, the problem seems to come from there. And since in single player each time you log in is like a server reset, and the game check building stability at server reset, and the game remove building pieces without enough stability.

Forgive me, I’m a PC player so I don’t know for sure.

But if you’re playing single player, don’t you have the option in server settings to turn off building decay?
Because it looks to me like your buildings are decaying.

You can’t change many settings after character creation, so for best results, set server then create character.

My stability was fine, I wouldn’t have been able to place building objects otherwise. And my decay was off.

I too have experienced disappearing building pieces on large builds in PS4 single player. It wasn’t to the same extent but then I don’t think my build was quite as big as yours. I just assumed it was a minor bug and ignored it at the time. But perhaps it gets more serious depending on the build size. You may want to submit this in the PS4 bugs forum thread.

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