Entire builds disappearing

I’ve now lost two builds (giant builds with lots of time and energy put into them) entirely on Single player, like, I log out and log back in and it’s just gone. Is there a way to recover this data??

Do you have the building decay setting turned on? It should be turned off on single player. Does PS4 have cloud saves? I know Xbox backs up game saves to both console and the cloud. I know you can transfer game files to flash drives on PS4. Unless you have the data backed up, I don’t think you can recover from this unfortunately.

My building decay is turned off. This is very frustrating because of the amount of time I’ve sunk into these builds and now I’ve just bought the season 2 pass which also isn’t working and I think I’m going to chat with Sony because I want my money back at this point.

Sorry to hear that you are having issues. I hope that Sony helps you get your problem resolved. As an Xbox user, I am completely in the dark on the intricacies of the PS4 hardware. Good luck.

PS4 seems to have a lot more problems, looking at the forums. But at least my dlc is working now? I took a break on building but started something new today, I’m going to get back on and check that it’s still there.

are you in admin mode?

Yes, and it just deleted everything again. :neutral_face:

I’ve noticed the problem occurs after I put my PS4 in rest mode without logging out, logging out, and then logging back in.

Also, another note to add is that my inventory doesn’t revert or anything, that’s saved properly. And while most of the structures disappear, there’ll be an occasional floating elevator, or gateway, etc., and it’s typically no more than three building pieces that remain out of thousands placed. They all eventually disappear, and I haven’t tried snapping anything too them because it just jaw-droppingly frustrating to lose so much time and effort repeatedly.

that happened to me too , not as ruthlessly, but now since i always exit to menu to leave single player. 8/ oh are you on an old ps or ps pro? admin might wanna know if its on disc too.

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