Is it possible to recover disappeared constructed pieces / bases from single player servers?

Game mode: Single Player gamer tag: snowghost83
Type of issue: All buildings constructed flickered and promptly disappearing when logging in
Server type: PVE
Region: USA - Texas

When i log into my game, my entire base flickers momentarily and then disappears, with thralls and pets floating in the air, and bags filled with items falling from the sky. Building abandonment was disabled. nothing written in the event logs. Is it possible to recover all constructed pieces on single player servers?

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. log into game
  2. continue from single player / coop
  3. select offline or coop setting

Hello @snowghost, welcome to the community!

As you’re playing in singleplayer you could either restore an older backup if you have it on the PS Cloud or a portable drive, or set yourself as an admin and refund the items and materials lost.

It’s possible that the issue was caused by database corruption, did you experience any crashes in your previous session?

What messages did you get in the Event Log?

Did you happen to crash to the dashboard while building right before it disappeared? Same exact thing happened to me. I was in the process of placing a wall when I crashed to the dashboard. I loaded the game back up and my entire structure was gone. Checked the event logs and all items I had placed lost stability. I’m fairly certain this happened because I crashed during building.

IDK if you need Playstation Plus to play the game. If you have PS Plus, check you cloud saves and see if there’s a recent save you can download. Highlight the game and push the Options button. It’s in there.

If there’s no recent save, I’d start a new game and make sure you upload your save data every few days (or every day you play a lot). I tend to load the game, make sure my base is there, exit to the main menu, upload the save, and then load the game back to play. Takes some extra time but its so worth it.

I don’t think there’s anything else you can do to get your base back. This doesn’t fix your current situation, but it’ll prevent you losing everything. Worst case you lose a few days/hours worth of work instead of the whole thing.

thanks for the reply friend,
my game didnt crash or anything like that, just simply disappears when i load my game, it will flicker briefly then everything is gone lol … i have been uploading my saved game to online storage to avoid loosing games due to crashes, but it seems that has bitten me in the ■■■ now. my online saves are the most recent now, and i dont know how to get anything earlier. Is the PS+ cloud save different from the PS4 online save?

no signs of corruption on the PS4, and nothing is written in the event logs. I have been continuously uploading my system storage to the online storage and a USB to avoid loss of progress, but it seems this time it screwed me. Something happened when i logged off i guess, but the game went through its normal exit without any issues, no errors or anything. When i loaded my saved progress the next day, my base flickered and then disappeared and i dropped to the ground with a bunch of bags around and thralls floating and some pets floating in the air. Very strange.

I’m assuming it’s no different. I load my game first the next day before I save. Like if I’ve spent a few hours building, I’ll close the game like normal and won’t upload my save. When I load the game again, I exit after checking my base. If all is good I’ll upload that save and then load the game again to play. I do that so I don’t upload a save that’s corrupt. Sure it could get corrupted during that first load, but it’s far more unlikely than after playing for a few hours.

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