Disappearing Foundations, Stair Corners, Fences and Large Chests

Game mode: [Online | PvE | Official Server]
Problem: [Bug | Disappearing Foundations, Fences and Large Chests]
Region: [EU]

After I logged in yesterday (I’m logging in daily) I noticed that some stair corners on my buildings were missing and when I try to build new ones at the places where the previous ones were, they won’t snap into the right direction at all, which leaves me with some ugly holes.

Then, when I logged in today (~8 hours after I logged off to go to sleep) 2 Sandstone Foundations, one Large Chest and 4 Insulated Wood Fences were gone.
One of those Foundations and the Fences were “in the middle” of my base, while the Chest and the other Foundation were just a bit to the side of it.

Here are some pictures to showcase what I mean

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I lost a full cupboard with a world collection of seeds. Every time I log in I’m going backwards. It is too frustrating trying to progress in this game.

Confirmed. EU official 1052.

Ok, I fixed the link to the imgur album. For some reason it copied the link to something else or didn’t copy it at all.

The last picture of the album shows that I had already rebuild the “mini stage” for the dancer.
And this is what I see now:

Until the last live update I never had a problem with disappearing stuff and now this.

Edit: I think I found a workaround for it, since it was the decay system claimed those foundations and fences, despite being placed in the middle of my base.
I have put foundations from the ones stemming the Pillars to the place where I want the Dancer.
Then I destroyed the foundations connecting the “stage” to the rest of the base.
The foundation that’s now the stage kept the decay timer from the rest of the base (so, 144h) and shouldn’t vanish anymore.
Looks ugly though.