Disappearing Items and a solution

The other day we were capturing a thrall, I gave it a final thwack with the club and it went down and disappeared. My partner in this crime could see him, but I could not. I logged out and right back in and 'lo he was there. I tossed on a rope and dragged him back.

Today I got caught in a sand storm, and died… I spanwed and once the storm ended, I went to fetch my loot. I finally found it after a naked run and avoiding spiders and hyena… but it was empty… I recalled the advice from the other day,… found a rock… crawled on top and di the log off/on and voila, my body now had all my loot.


btw… my crew has a private server running testlive… can we move to live server without loosing progress in game?

Heres an even better idea…they fix this issue so we don’t have to log in and out to get basic things in the game to function.