Disappearing objects and dying when logging out

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: [EU]


I and my friend have bought this game just recently and we have fun most of the time. But there are 2 particular issues that bother us greatly.

The first is that after we log out we probably die somehow out of thirst or hunger and after we loge in we have nothing on us and there are no bodies to recover our gear. This happened 2-3 times to my friend and once to me. Once he was kicked out to the desert.

The next thing is that we recently built a greater wheel of pain with T4 taskmaster just disappeared. And I think that some of our combat thralls disappeared too. It is really annoying as you can imagine.

I hope that there is something you can do about these things.

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  • Are you familiar with the decay and purge systems? If not, check it out.
  • Waking up naked with all stuff lost can be easily avoided by storing your items in a chest and logging out naked. Even if you die, nothing is lost. I must say I have never died while offline.
  • There is something called event log. Hit ESC and check it out. You can see what happened to your wheel.

Hey @Lorrus

Welcome to our community and apologies for the frustration.
Could you check your event log to see what could’ve caused these issues?
Also, as a routine, we recommend depositing all your inventory and valuables in nearby chests or containers before logging out just in case something happens to your character when you’re offline.
Thanks for your feedback.

So, my friend experienced this logout dead again today. He looked to the log and there was nothing about the cause of death, just what he had lost after about 30 min from the logout. We dump our gear and inventory to the chest but I can’t say this is convenient at all.

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