Help.... missing stuff

i logged out of the game for 2 hours and when i came back items that i’d recently crafted were missing from my action bar. there is no mention of what happened in the event log either.

please help

It’s possible your body got killed while you were logged out. Even on a PvE server, it’s possible for an unprotected player’s body to get killed by heatstroke, frostbite, or even an animal or NPC fighting a player atop your body.

As a general rule, even the developers recommend players always store their gear in a locked chest before logging out just-in-case one of these factors rears its head.

With that said, if you want to provide some context as to where you logged out, if there were any heat sources in the area, etc. we might be able to help narrow down what could have happened. For example, is the server PvE or is it PvP?, what grid did you logout in and what were you wearing?, if in a base what material is it made of?, where are fireplaces, sconces, furnaces, and cooking stoves located relative to where you logged out?, any windows?, etc.


thanks for the reply. wouldnt the body being killed show up on the event log though? i’m making that assumption based on it showing other things (folks taking logs from fire) while i was gone.

also, not all of the items were missing from my action bar. was missing my skinning knife, steel pike, and torch.

i was in the north by the viking like npc village that sounds like asgard. had a medium helmet and the rest was light gear. was sleeping on a foundation with a small two foundation blocks away. there are walls to keep the animals out, no windows, no roof.

For some strange reason, getting killed does not show in the event log (at least not on PvE servers like I play on), only as an on-screen notification at the time when it happens or when you return from being afk while still logged-in. Also, if you die, your quick bar should have been cleared of any items, so it sounds like you weren’t killed.

While I’ve not played PvP, it’s my understanding that other players can steal items from or place items onto your body. I say this because I’ve seen numerous screenshots of people stating they’ve played pranks like taking someone’s clothes, dying them all pink, then putting them back on the sleeping character, or filling their inventory full of dung.

So it sounds like the issue might have been another player messing with you, possibly as a friendly reminder to logout only in a suitably enclosed structure (i.e. you had no roof protecting you from other players interacting with your body).

On PvP this gets written down in the eventlog (not that you got killed but who took stuff from you). He just has to adjust his filters. “Unauthorized inventory access” is the keyword here.

Also he was completely surrounded by buildings. This also means that someone glitch stole his stuff through walls with a known exploit.

I suggest you to play on PvP servers to gain proper knowledge so you can help people more effectively on these forums. Answers based on „I think“ or „I assume“ are not really useful, because they are not backed up by facts.

Yeah PvP in this game isn’t my thing. Also, I based all of my assertions based off of details that have been explained and demonstrated by other knowledgeable players over the lifetime of the game. If someone tells me I’ll burn myself if I touch a hot stove, I don’t need to burn myself before I’m going to believe them.

Also, if you’re so concerned about people being helpful and useful on the forums, then there’s a pretty easy way of doing so: Do it yourself.


there is no mention of anything happening to these items in the ‘unauthorized inventory access’

Do you have clan members that could’ve taken stuff from you?

You also need to be at this exact location to see in the eventlog if something happened there. Time does matter too.

not in a clan yet and i havent moved out of the spot.

Weird, I never had this issue. And when I had it I just had to adjust the filter and range of the Eventlog.

Maybe you got glitched. Or you lost it somehow else.

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