Disappointing forum

I’d just like to ask why any questions in the dev q&a thread about the tos/bans is being flagged?

It’s actually sad that people have to resort to flagging others because they don’t like something. I would understand if something was off topic or rude to someone but asking questions in a q&a? There’s already a slim chance the devs will answer the questions.

To the people doing it get over yourself and grow up.


I agree that it is silly to flag those type of posts but I also think that thread was intended to be Q&A regarding the 3.0 update. So, depending on how the post was worded, it may have been considered off topic.

Side note, did you notice that the ToS was just updated minutes ago? No doubt this was due to repeated requests on the forum. I say you should take the wins where you can get 'em.


That’s because both question and answer is to be done through zendesk not on the forums was my understanding at least question containing ban suspension and other things for information on or for zendesk unless they change that part was around here somewhere we were to go through them not here

This is just a cop out… how is one question deemed ok and one not? This wasnt done by mods

As far as I can tell the only thing they updated was a section called false reporting… this tells me they are acknowledging the fact that false reporting has been going on which is exactly what the ban meta is.

Your understanding is wrong. We are not allowed to talk about personal bans in the forum. Apparently not allowed to ask perfectly fair questions either.

Well they said somewhere when the tos was revised that Any and all questions pertaining zendesk was to through zendesk when at first thread being closed when some asked why zendesk??? I forgot the details and all reason why they were closed nor did I take part in most of those conversations just read it that’s why I was on the understanding that’s what they wanted but you could be rightly correct that I misunderstood what they meant thus why I never as question pertaining that except through zendesk it’s self

Hi @Boobie

The Dev Stream thread is dedicated towards questions that you would like for the team to answer during the Stream. Please keep in mind that the focus for the steam will revolve around the new additions coming to Conan Exile (e.g Update 3.0)

If you have questions or concerns regarding suspensions or bans, make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk as they will be able to help you out further.

As for the ToS, you can read more about our official server rules here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures
If you have any questions regarding our official server rules, please redirect them to our team in Zendesk.