Discussion: A Balancing Act

If you mean the thing where the description says 2/sec and it actually gives ~10/sec then I didn’t see it doing that, but I only played with them a little bit, on a heal build, and I don’t know the exact circumstances that cause it.

@Onevia they are apparently broken “in a good way” when it comes to Fury. I’ve been told by everyone under the sun, they may only BiS while they are broken like this.


What Bousillor was saying was apparently a bad thing about all fists I believe. I don’t think they’re on the forums to chime in. It’s easy to find if you search Sine in the bugs channel on Discord. I think they were pretty upset about it.

I’m side-tracking the weapon balance discussion somewhat, but I just started wondering about how the “side distillates”, so stuff like the Kaidan containers drops and the ones you can buy from the SA vendor, would be affected, if at all, by the change to the grind.

Oh my Gooooooood! I can’t wait to play with Blade! I’ve collected almost all blades over the last three years. We finally got the auto forge! Does this mean the ability is now gone or changed? I’m gonna go read again. I was too excited.

Edit: Never mind! Crushing Tide.

Also, those are some nice changes to Warding, Destruction, Tsunami, and 1,000,000 likes.

Bringing the markers back will be a huge help, especially in Penthouse.


I meant to being this up a while back; but is it my imagination, or do the gates in the Ankh fall much more slowly in Beta? I felt like we had to wait longer for them to fall down after defeating them.

Our long nightmare is finally at an end :v:


I didn’t notice that lol. Nice. I have always done my separately anyway because I worry I won’t get all of the critical empowerments, or at least I don’t get to hear them all, so I worry I’m not getting them per distillate that I get critical on.

You may have less crits by doing them together, but the crit is (equally?) larger if you crit with a full empowerment

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There are others who do what I do because of that very thing, especially when paying for cache keys.

Cruel Delight Nerf… is there really any reason to do it… It doesn’t change the balance of group content… it will however make solo daily content more tedious. Its such a chore to do now as it is… why make that worse… I know the thirst and other similar signets are not up to par with it, but that is those that have it invested so much time to level one…


It’s supposed to make healers more necessary and using the first passive (basic ability heal passive) is helpful.

in solo content there are no real classes… really wont help tank in group content… if in all tank glyphs.

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It was out of line with other signet, and as such needed to be brought back in line with the rest.

Testing it along side another heal, i personally found that bringing cruel delight, or bringing the other heal, resulted in about the same survibability for me. With either i was fine, without i started dieing.

While Cruel Delight has been nerfed, it is not doing nothing for your survival now, it’s just reasonable with how much it does.

As someone who has very recently switched to a red Cruel Delight on live, I am more than happy that i feel like i have other options now, without saying No to a stupidly OP option


That was my experience also. Basically no time wasted in leveling a cruel delight as it’s still very useful. However now that it’s not stupidly strong I find I just need to add the weapons heal passive to make solo content comfortable again.

The whole idea of this patch is to balance things and this is one of the outliers. I’m happy for once to not have to tell people oh yeah your gonna need a cruel delight for solo content or a KSR for good dps or a hammer to tank. For once there are several viable options to players.


Cruel Delight was a passiv heal flat out better than most active heals. Which is backwards on so many levels.
Which made it central for higher Elites especially DA, reason we got blue ones for free at times.

Erm… I do not really want to create new thread since I don’t really participate in beta, have no time nor big wish or drive space. But. Can we talk about ultimate a bit? With its grossly big recharge time it’s that one ultimate neurosis point for “nooo I will save it for later, I’ll sure will need it more later” just to never use it at all. And now it will do more damage but same recharge time? Kind of more useful but even more urge to save for time when I actually need it? I’m not big fan of idea to save it for bigger bosses, I want to use it more, in all places. It’s so beautiful, why do you want us to use it only on super special occasions? Also, on recharge - can we address channeling vs single hit abilities in that matter too?

That’s honestly the whole point of an ultimate though right… It wouldn’t be that special if you could use it all the time… But there’s condensed anima signet for cd reduction so that should help. Also I’m not even sure what you mean by recharge time on channeling vs single hit abilities. Recharge time is clearly labeled. An example perhaps?

There’s big difference between “all the time”, “every few bosses” and “every dozen of bosses”. I ask for second one. Also thank you but no I do not want condensed anima signet to make it tiny bit faster and use every 10 bosses when I can use nemain right now.
You mixed up “time” and “progress”, we do have progress labeled but with time you get plus % for every ability use and it’s the same for channeling and one-hit while in seconds it’s 1 vs 2.5. Unless I missed something big.

Haven’t joined Beta? Don’t worry. You’re not missing much.

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Of course this just boils down to opinion but I think the CD is in a very good place as it is. Given that it can only be applied to a target once per ten minutes and the fact that their are 5 players in a dungeon or almost one use per boss decreasing the cooldown will be either A.) Useless or B.) Unbalanced (yes 3-5 players with wings up to often in the current OD will be stupidly broken). Wings are very powerful now and as such are saved or used very situationally as they should be. I am 100% positive that will not change. Also there normally up every second dungeon even without condensed anima so really it doesn’t seem too rare as it is.

Also sorry I misread your concern regarding instants vs channel as it relates to charging wings. I agree this should be fixed as channel abilities take ~3x longer then instant abilities to charge wings in their current state.

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