Dismantle bench should be lower level cause

Cause… thats how you learn, taking apart is easier then making.
I learned how VCR works by taking it apart, same for ps3, and radios etc etc.

thou i do get scaling and point of it.

So make Dismantle bench lv10-15. (enemies drop armor and weapons better now)
BUT, add a Improved Dismantle bench in 40’s.

Key difference here is,
Low level one returns very few items, and higher grade one returns more.

It gives reason to drag loot back home and break it down, spare steel bars, hides and other items. Waiting for lv37… thats alot of loot to hold onto to get iron bar or some stone.

I started new character, ad gave myself one around lv13. And its been handy breaking down darfari and black hand gear. Not OP ether.


I agree. At level 60, I rarely bother dismantling anything (though I appreciate the ability, waste not want not being a key phrase in a survival situation.

Whereas I’d have loved it early on, when dragging back Black Hand boots by the dozen may have been worth it because the materials given were in short supply.

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