Dismantling a bench or buildings should not return 100% of materials in PVP

  • Peoples confess in chat not having a real base, only vaults, inventory and a little stone base to craft what they need outside raid time.

  • Others use foundations as doors, so you have to destroy 10 foundations to enter the base …

→ Where is PVP??? Game is broken.

Dismantling should return only 30% of materials.


You PVP these guys the same as you do everyone else. Just they’ve gone full nomad and can’t really be pinned down. You’d have to hunt their vaults and whatnot, and kill their characters when you see them. Pretty much the same as everyone else, just harder to wipe because there’s no base to attack.

We warned funcom that this is what would happen if they allowed building pickup, and here we are. I’m neither for nor against it, since there’s ways to counter it (Gods, mostly. Barring that, bombs). But Devs have done some real good work in rebalancing building pieces (Drawbridge bubble bases, I’m looking at you) so I’m mostly neutral on the subject

Scared to get banned

Scared to pvp

Blitz official servers :+1:

PVP is everything, not just having a big obvious base raiding other people’s big obvious bases. I’ve ALWAYS played with small on the run bases and hidden caches of loot. You telling me I don’t PVP?

Love the full return of materials. I think you should even get full materials from demolishing other people’s decayed things.

Bombs vertical splash damage was reduced by a lot so bubble/ceiling bases are even better than before tbh

Unfortunately they had to set dismantling to return 100% because of the new building system. It wouldn’t have affected me one way or the other because I use the Pickup+ mod.

Means Player versus Player, not Player versus inanimate walls. Part of this is needing to adapt to changing situations. The players you describe have adapted to the new building system. You need to adapt to them using the new building system.

The op has a good point in my opinion. Most pvp happens when attacking or defending so if you don’t have a base or are sealing yourself behind 15 foundations then it promotes no player vs player at all. You can use the “adapt to it” saying with pretty much anything but at a certain point it becomes poor gameplay

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This is the second thread I’ve seen in a few days talking about how much power a defender has, after a few years of posts about attackers having too much power.

What changed in the hotfix to cause a 180?


Theyl seal themselves behind foundations rather than doors while offline. Otherwise they will probably use the doors and come out.

Pvp isnt about player vs offline unconscious either lol


I find the sorcery introductions far worse, several large bases, summoning corpse stones everywhere, they load up on loot, pull bracelet to a stone, summon their loot there, that fails they can teleport it, that fails they can bestial.

if anyone knows what they are doing and are cautious, there is no chance of raiding them in an active raid.

by the time the first wall has broken their loot is in another base.

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